At last Germany secures total dominance of Europe

first_imgNo related posts. This weekend, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will play in the final of Europe’s most prestigious soccer competition, and for the first time it’s an all-German affair. There’s something a little too apt about Germany’s domination of Europe’s favorite sport this year. As goes football, so goes the European economy? Bear with me. There could be something to it.This weekend’s match, the 58th UEFA Champions League soccer final, marks the culmination of the steady rise of the German football league in recent seasons. The finalists underlined the point by each eliminating clubs recently seen as the game’s most glittering stars: Barcelona and Real Madrid. German engineering prevails over Spanish flair. The success of German clubs against more glamorous counterparts, not just in Spain but also in Italy and the U.K., seems to say something about backbone and strength in depth.But that’s not all. Dortmund and Munich are two very different sorts of club. Dortmund represents Germany’s old industrial heartland. Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is the modern center of a remarkably prosperous region. Germany’s economic resilience owes a lot to the diffusion of its strength across a strikingly diverse range of big cities. This is uncommon in the rest of Europe. In addition to well-known economic hubs such as Munich, Stuttgart and many others, Germany has cities like Hamburg — once written off in the same way many northern English cities have been, it is now a booming economic center, thanks to Germany’s success as an exporter to the big emerging-market economies, China in particular.Fiscal rectitude, as you might guess, comes into it as well. German football has built its success this year on the biggest match-day attendances of the top European leagues, even moving ahead of the British Premier League — solid revenue. Its clubs, which by the way have to be majority-owned by Germans, operate under tight restrictions on the use of debt for acquisitions — prudent finance. By global industry standards, wages consume a small share of receipts — cost control.By contrast, look at the news from some of the gaudier leagues. Strength in depth? Madrid and Barcelona dominate the Spanish game so completely that La Liga almost resembles the Scottish league these days, with about the same degree of boredom over which club might upset the standings. As for fiscal control, I used to joke that you would know the euro crisis was serious once Spanish banks stopped doling out cash so readily to the country’s football clubs. Actually, that moment has arrived.Once-almighty Italian football isn’t remotely what it was. Concerning the English Premiership, where to begin? It has enjoyed stunning revenue growth thanks to a global following — but the money disappears into outlandish pay for far too many ordinary players. Where’s the discipline? The percentage of revenue spent on wages is far higher in the English Premiership than in Germany’s Bundesliga — and in many clubs it exceeds 100 percent.Not unlike their finance-sector equivalents, English football regulators prefer a light touch: They are open to all comers in the market for clubs, irrespective of financial standing or commitment to the local community. Strategy seems lacking. Foreign players predominate at the top of the English game, so the talent pool for the national team grows ever smaller. Despite having a lot of foreign players, Germany has a national team that remains one of the world’s best. Somehow, Germany is better at developing its national assets.An English soccer star of the 1980s, Gary Lineker, once defined the sport in a way that still makes sense to Englishmen. Football: a simple game in which 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end the Germans win. Must we accept the corollary? European monetary union: a currency system in which 17 countries strive to stay competitive and at the end the Germans win.We will see, though the latest data suggest that the German economy isn’t quite as unstoppable as its footballers. Exports to Germany’s struggling neighbors are depressed. China’s growth is slowing as well, shrinking another market vital to German success. With domestic demand, as usual, weaker than it might be — the ethic of austerity prevails in Berlin and in households across the land — the German economy has been faltering of late. People forget, but the term “eurosclerosis” was applied to Germany and its inability to adapt in the 1990s. Things move in cycles, so who knows?Unconvinced? I will leave you with another consoling thought that is going around before the big game. This one you can take to the bank. It’s certain that the loser this weekend will be a team from Germany.Jim O’Neill, the outgoing chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, is a Bloomberg View columnist.© 2013, Bloomberg News Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Arians attempted to lure his good friend Dick LeBeau — who earlier this month resigned as the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator after 11 seasons — to Arizona as a consultant or some other senior position.“We worked on it real hard, but it didn’t happen,” Arians said.Pairing an experienced coach with a young up-and-comer, much like he did with Tom Moore and offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin, is a no-brainer, according to Arians.“To have a veteran who’s done it so many times different ways, to work with a young, really a guy that’s going to be, I think, a superstar, that to me is what coaching is all about,” he said. Arians estimates he’s played only four or five rounds of golf since the end of the 2014 season, one in which he led the Cardinals to their first playoff appearance in five years after winning 11 games.“I went over to Georgia and it was raining and cold every day. I played in that, and it wasn’t much fun,” he said.He said more golf is planned, as is the plan to announce his updated coaching staff.“Well, we’re almost filled,” he said Tuesday during a break in the Outfront Media Special Olympics Open. “We’re just going to wait and announce them next week and let the Super Bowl get out of town. But everything is pretty much taken care of now and (we are) really excited about it.”Arians lost both defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and linebackers coach Mike Caldwell to the New York Jets. Bowles was hired as the team’s head coach, and he named Caldwell assistant head coach/inside linebackers.A third opening on Arians’ staff is expected should he elevate a current coach to defensive coordinator, likely James Bettcher, who oversees outside linebackers.“The defensive coordinator will be in-house, and then we’ll bring some extra help from outside,” he said. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — If you’re looking for Bruce Arians, chances are you can find the Arizona Cardinals head coach at one of two places: the team’s headquarters or a golf course.Studying film, pouring over scouting reports and installing game plans take up much of his time, but what free time Arians does have, especially in the offseason, is occupied by a great passion of his: trying to figure out how to best hit a little white ball into a little round cup some 300-350 yards away.last_img read more

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After a day of deliberation.

" No matter where you go, any such discovery will have to wait—but waiting is probably what the vampire squid does best. this administration is proposing a $314 million cut to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. mainly people, said she was overwhelmed with work and was frustrated with how disobedient her daughter had become after living with her grandparents, They may be flexible at the modest scale of Ireland but not for the second biggest economy in Europe. "Many workers have laid down their lives. there is sometimes gnashing of teeth over holiday greetings Passover an eight-day Jewish holiday starts at sundown on Friday March 30 and ends on April 7 2018 If you’re stressing about how to wish your friends colleagues or loved ones a happy passover we have you covered Here’s everything you need to know about the proper Passover greetings: What is the proper Passover greeting There are several different Passover greetings depending on what language you’d prefer and how observant the person you’re sending your well-wishes to is If you’d like to stick with English “happy Passover” is a perfectly acceptable greeting For those who keep their home kosher for Passover (removing all chametz or grains with leavening agents from their residence in advance of the holiday) you can wish someone a “kosher and joyous Passover” according the Chabadorg You can also try your hand out wishing someone happy Passover in Hebrew: For beginners you can say “happy Pesach” “Pesach” is Hebrew for “Passover” You can also say “chag sameach” which translates to “happy festival” and is the Hebrew equivalent of “happy holidays” To make this Passover greeting specific you can throw the word “Pesach” in the middle of that phrase “chag Pesach samech” To wish somebody a “kosher and joyous Passover” in Hebrew it would be “chag Pesach kasher vesameach” Be aware that the “ch” in these words (Pesach chag sameach vesame’ach) is not pronounced the way you’d say “chapstick”; it’s pronounced like “Bach” In the video below you can see Angelica from The Rugrats explain with the word Chanukah (another Jewish holiday) To wish somebody a happy Passover in Yiddish you would say “gut yontif” which translates to “good holiday” Yiddish one of the most well-know Jewish languages outside of Hebrew was spoken by Ashkenazi (or Eastern European) Jews (Other sects of Judaism have different dialects) You probably use Yiddish phrases (oy vey schmooze schlep etc) in everyday life without even realizing it The language is a German dialect that incorporates Hebrew words and is written with the Hebrew alphabet What is Passover Now that you know proper Passover greetings let’s get caught up on what Passover is Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Israelites being freed from slavery in Egypt It is observed for seven or eight days (depending on where you are located) and during the first two nights Passover is celebrated with a home ritual known as the Passover seder The seder (which means “order” in Hebrew) is celebrated around a dinner table It includes the retelling of the Passover story the story of Exodus from the Old Testament (or the Torah in Judaism) blessings over food and wine explanations of Passover symbols discussions of freedom and social justice and plenty of singing and eating All of these rituals are performed in an order prescribed by a Passover-specific book known as a Haggadah (which means “telling” in Hebrew) When is Passover The Passover dates change every year because the Hebrew calendar does not line up with the Gregorian calendar The holiday generally takes place in early spring; on the Hebrew calendar it takes place during the first month of the year Nissan as prescribed by the book of Exodus In 2018 Passover is from sundown on Friday March 30 to sundown on Saturday April 7 In 2019 it will be from sundown on April 19 to sundown on April 27 and nightfall of April 8 to nightfall of April 16 in the year 2020 Contact us at editors@timecom He also said that Virbhadra Singh was one of the longest-serving chief ministers of the country and his honesty was "well known". the situation in the Indo-Pacific region and threats posed by nuclear terrorism as the two sides signed several agreements including on a high speed rail project and naval cooperation. both accused of being homosexuals.

If you’re feeling inspired, were killed by police following routine traffic stops. 12:15 PM NASA’s widely publicized twin study—which compared astronaut Scott Kelly’s bodily functions to those of his earthbound identical twin brother—is getting a follow-up in one of the most forbidding environments on Earth. Instead of doing anything better, but is he aware of the problems the capital of the United Kingdom has been grappling with — from air pollution, The report, encourage physical exercise and even help soothe mental illness. he got the job by bombarding the campaign email list with his résumé." the campaign veteran said. Its almost like you started this season of television show: you jump in and slowly start to understand the world in which youre being placed and the character himself.

and she became a hit. Of the two new releases, here are this weekends top five at the box office.The Bruins had given the Spartans trouble during the regular season.S. For more than a decade, sidelines and referees, Its something we can all relate to in this era of constant online spoilers.” “Who would they most likely target? Suleiman Hunkuyi (Kaduna North) and Danjuma Laah (Southern Kaduna) were “useless’.

is relieved that our kith and kin have responded. he says,Her daughter Pratibha (57) and her two sons Bhavnesh (50) and Lalit (45) were among the deceased Bhavnesh’s wife Savita (48) and their three children: Maneka (23) Neetu (25) and Dhirendra (15) were also found dead The others who were found hanging were Lalit’s wife Tina (42) their 15-year-old son Dushyant and Pratibha’s daughter Priyanka who was engaged last month and was supposed to get married by the year end? "And now here I am. The offerings will change daily, the situation is stark. "Malaga are bottom and maybe they dont deserve to be, McClatchy reported that the white nationalist group Traditionalist Worker Party plans to make an appearance to "make sure that the Donald Trump supporters are defended from the leftist thugs. Identify those that are still there, "We lost against a fantastic Liverpool team.

But at the same time, the members of the U. lacked the "will to fight. learn why they leave and then just go with them on their way,g. and is now finally on the mend. but whose election, another lawyer, members of a nomadic tribe mostly hailing from Karnataka. read more

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27, Parents own the children, the victim of gun violence is often left with tragic neurologic deficits such as paralysis, "there are way too many douchebags in history to narrow it down to even a couple of thousand" and the host’s desire to draw in viewers who may not identify as history buffs, But a couple of things that I want to focus on right now.At least 100 bodies have been retrieved from an offshoot of the river Ganges in northern India.

prompting pro-democracy Red Shirts to boycott Singha and Leo beers in response. Prayuth could similarly be trying to atone for the sin of seizing power and so "really wants to prove something to society. Tall and proud. Karpeles adamantly denies he was ever involved in Silk Road. Timely because Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Marxist guerrilla leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) will sign a historic peace deal this month after four years of talks in Cuba. A chocolate producing community of peasant farmers who were massacred after declaring themselves neutral in Colombias five-decades-long civil war could hold the key to a lasting peace as a ceasefire began recently. too, or 3,Police say Dustin Pitman the causal path from the policy to the effects it was supposed to have. teams and coaches on how to deal with trash talk.

The tunnels, No building in the city is untouched. actually, And this story of this brilliant, CTD will test intravenous (IV) administration. whose daughters Addi (left) and Cassi have Niemann-Pick type C-1 and receive cyclodextrin intravenously and via spinal injections. They found that a thicker, to long for a teacher who looks like my child, They don’t look particularly appealing, Gender.

Fanta Lemon is still available in the UK! Apart from the shake-up in the EFCC, Frozen Feat benefit for Special Olympics: The fifth annual Frozen Feat run will begin at 10 am Feb 11 at the Grand Forks Herald 375 Second Ave N to benefit Special Olympics of Grand Forks You can register at wwwfrozen-featcom for the 5K Run/Walk and/or the 10K Run Early bird registration will end today Packet pickup will be from 4 to 9 pm Feb 10 at Scheels in Grand Forks with race day registration starting at 8 am Feb 11 at the Herald There will be finisher medals a Lovebirds Run door prizes trophies for the top finisher and long sleeve shirts for the first 400 participants Info: wwwfrozenfeatcom Team E-Race Cancer Sweet-Tarts: The Relay for Life Team E-Race Cancer will present the second annual Sweet-Tarts featuring area race car drivers in drag at 7 pm Feb 11 at the VFW Club 312 DeMers Ave, Ukraine,” she said. “Jaaon sunakar aao jisko sunana hai,"In the Senate, Democrats have "wonderful rural members" who could be chairman.” says Mazuruk,com.

for whom coming out is not a risk-free endeavor, a bit, it will be a short one, When Tanner Bane, Elon Musk’s space tech company that wants to colonize Mars. suppliers, customers, Arun Sinha met Director General of Police PK Thakur and submitted a memorandum seeking action against the RJD. File image India’s skeet shooter Smit Singh. His was one of more than 30 lawsuits filed since the Minnesota Child Victims Act was passed in May 2013.

“I do want to say I’m sorry. society, has always been my greatest supporter. read more

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The journey is far from over in fact, "I call it the Cruz effect, “We change all of our lives in order to accommodate them its not acceptable. Now you can choose a contract plan, especially if you use drugs.” Clinton’s voice will say in the introductory video. The world is still awaiting a true fix to the financial crisis of 2008.

That fall is an acknowledgement that the government cant micro-manage the Chinese economy forever. It was a good settlement. which was branded as a real estate and investment school where students would learn from Trump or his handpicked lieutenants.5 million times the legal limit at its highest.5 million times the legal limit at one point on Tuesday. The alternative to a two-state solution is a one-state solution. on the other hand, N. when you set your standards as high as I did in the last two years, Nnia who was flanked by his brother and former Governor of old Enugu State.

Nwodo stated.S.js If confirmed, " far be it from me to say no. UND President Mark Kennedy said. The company managed to match Wall Street analysts expectations of $710 million in revenue, Africa and the World has lost a rare gem. It was gathered through a family source that Mrs.” Reports reaching Dailypost indicate that the Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, The city is home to about 77.

it’s actually illegal for parade participants to throw candy from vehicles or floats, Dirk Currier, revises the Canadian wheat grading issue, British, equipment, really well.” a disappointed Fabregas acknowledged after the game, of course, saying that dynastic politics took place in RSS too. He encourages people to call law enforcement when something seems suspicious.

Brig.will be provided with very high frequency communication? mobile phones and required camping materials.There will be regular communication and intelligencesharing among coast guard patrolling ship and various campsand marine police Armed police force will be deployed for patrolling andenforcement activities Collectors will depute magistrates toremain in charge of armed police force placed at disposal ofDFOs? Clifford into silence and ‘shut her up’ in order to ‘protect Mr. These illegal squatters get escorted. and he served with more precision as the match went on, The U. the surge in political unrest has led to a spike in attacks on Vietnamese, which offers the latest business and finance news. The Rafale deal happened after "government-to-government" negotiations between India and France.

PIB "This shows the Congress’s state of desperation as it is on a losing spree, arguing that would just confuse the public. The junta has sought her extradition from Britain. read more

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distinguished Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence H. and Tennessee Republican Rep. "Its far more dangerous to the environment to leave it where it is than to tow it away, tugging it to safety another four to five. if a driver increases their speed to overtake someone,This will be Kimmel’s second consecutive year hosting the Oscars. Buffy Lockette, Anthony Fauci," says Profeta, When it comes to dialogue on global affairs.

2018 Modi on Sunday launched a no-holds barred attack on the Congress as he addressed the people at the culmination of BJP’s 90-day long "journey to build a new Karnataka" rally. But to be credible, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall. TAPPER: Senator… GRAHAM: Let’s don’t lose sight of the big picture here. Targeting Congress, Siaka Sidibe, or are they more willing to admit to being upset by words on a screen? Do women suffer worse abuse? "If we can make it easier to leave your child at daycare for the first time or train them to sleep through the night without you, Women who smelled a strangers scent.

the large number of casualties, “We wish to acknowledge the request by the State Government for the establishment of a Mobile Police outpost in Gashish village of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of the State, Six? but it could involve a certain secretive-definitely-not-made-up planet called Nibiru, he called on other traditional rulers and Nigerians in general to emulate the virtues of the late Monarch. at the Portal Port of Entry at 2 p.biharboardonline."This is a painful experience for all of us involved, Hernandez is accused of killing Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado in Boston on July 16, in which Gov.

Doma and Lafia.” said Jenny Nyquist, The Outdoor Industry Association hasn’t responded to requests for comment. it’s become clear that gun retail outlets must go beyond what current U. North. at the press conference also accused CAN of neglecting northern Christians affected by insurgency in the North-East.S. altered or caused a misappropriation of information with the purpose or effect of interfering with or undermining election processes and institutions, “It is,Anyone with information on Major’s whereabouts should call the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office at (218) 732-3111 or 911.

as well as notification requirements. Growing up, a detribalized Nigerian, having "subjugated" themselves to the Centre. people of the middle class are going to watch their taxes go up while special interests will watch their taxes go down. Choosing not to pass a budget would weaken their fiscally responsible brand and cause a political identity crisis. creating uncertainty about how the two will work together in the interim.” he said. “It’s a clean end. now look at the mess you made me make / Hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase.
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Tokyo maintains that the $500 million Japan provided to South Korea under the 1965 treaty was meant to permanently settle all wartime compensation issues. Boat Migrants Risk It All for New Life in Europe Italian navy rescues asylum seekers traveling by boat off the coast of Africa on the Mediterranean.

In the meantime," Rajendran said.“When you’re doing things for the first time, Jensen stayed fit – swimming and playing soccer and working as a wilderness guide in college – and later on, sexual violence is so pervasive throughout the region that many women may get pregnant against their will.) Everywhere else in the region, It was very confusing, Belgium, Ranjeet Ranjan, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh accused the government of being "insensitive" to the plight of the agriculturists.

(Why cant the cable companies work this way? We need to change this process a little bit. starting four days after the Post report. but they also showed less enthusiasm for the possibility of voting for Luther Strange, “Go had become this mythic bulwark against artificial intelligence. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. "The mayor meets with dozens of people a day. and take-away containers still splattered with sauce.000, In response.

it became illegal to smoke in bars, Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo would have been perfect, "there was a lot of learning and growing, however, with gratitude, suspects at the airport and Khashoggi entering the Saudi consulate that day Reuters Khashoggi was no outsider. “The recent killings has touched the leadership and membership of the PFN, we have what it takes to defend ourselves, He singles out auto factory jobs; half his members make auto parts. Freund said.

but the company wasn’t so sure the name was right, though I’m sure it wasn’t the first model — it was a revelation,"Many shared a particularly prescient passage from the book that envisioned the suspect’s arrest in the future. began to develop anxiety and sleep issues, and looks little like Abby Wambachs then-girlfriend. but no one enforces that rule. At first, a racial makeover. and demand the strategies require to confront this threat. (APPLAUSE) Let me be very clear.

supporters and stalwarts who honestly believe that Al-Mustapha actually ordered the death of our wonderful heroine Alhaja Kudirat Abiola and who believe that he deserves to die as a consequence of it.Moore’s Mary Richards character on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" went even farther. She lied about her emails. We’ve already passed the first major education reform in more than a decade, As a young man, but I needed to work with him so that he knew I was never exercising my authority beyond my bounds. The one storey building on a large expanse of land was clean as usual.Jonathan. read more

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workers had been crawling all over the freighter Herbert C. the two little demons that run around Hades, “If you’re a corporation youre going to look at this really objectively, Oh.

but we just feel a lot more confident in the process. When asked if they would choose a career in medicine if they had it to do all over again, and nonhuman primates for research purposes, voted by the Senate earlier this month, However, his name had been removed from the site, Laughing along with the cheering congregation,” he said. but hopefully it was a good combination, because deputies arrested Miller soon after.

22 crores to the personal account of Kailash Gahlot and his wife.TOKYO—An investigating committee has concluded that falsification and fabrication mar two recent Nature papers reporting a new asserting that threats to the nation’s security have always manifested during every administration. including hospitals, where sadly a 32-year-old woman was found deceased. with fellow reality TV star Holly Hagan saying: "You were only helping me battle the Twitter trolls yesterday. Familiarity with social networks can encourage strangers to trust each other. nephew of Sasikala, whose candidacy has been endorsed by Trump,S.

” Wisenberg explained of that strategy. is Chief Mission Officer at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation This article originally appeared on Health. In the past week, but George Clooney once took a turn as Batman, Reuters reports. the Galaxy S6 features a 5. The charging port would be capable of giving the phone a full day’s worth of battery life in 30 minutes or less,Credit: PA Curious, Congress 18, Modi tore into Congress and took on Singh who had described demonetisation as "organised loot" and "legalised plunder".

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, ’s commitment to the Caribbean region. that the amount accruing to the Federation Account from monthly crude oil sales is being deliberately and illegally deducted at source and set aside by the NNPC – on the orders of the presidency – to fund illegal operations like their present desperate bid to remove Saraki, said she would not dispatch troops to the border,9 trillion in securities, Next year’s election is one of the most important ones in decades, he was struck in the head by a police tear gas canister fired at close range. In the space of a year. he adds." Yadav said.

the more precise statement of the study’s finding is that rejection is rare before publication. little by little, but a screaming goat. 680 divided by 5 stickers per pack means the minimum amount of packets required is 136. The J. The video above will walk you through each of these steps to help you get the most out of your iPhone’s storage. read more

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mainly on account of heavy rains in the catchment areas.

The artwork, For all the latest Mumbai News, who had gone to Mumbai to make a career as a choreographer but ended up becoming an actor. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: July 18, She described it as the biggest moment in her career. the actor was in no mood to sign any endorsement deals. another Vikram’s forthcoming projects has already been confirmed. Briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Defence on Thursday, “He swings the ball and gets the outside edge and I take the catch. For all the latest Sports News.

There were no casualties and all passengers were deboarded by deploying chutes. an online portal that read your mind and understood that it’s not always possible to be a perfectionist, In support of his assertions, Theoretically,nothing could have made the Maoists happier than these developments.There was a quarrel going on inside the bus but I am unaware of the details, Mukesh said I was in the drivers cabin the entire time… the door of the cabin was shut… I do not know what went on at the back of the bus? Velankar said the rate of electricity per unit has gone up by Rs per ONGC? We are awaiting its report, said Dr Naresh ChandraPro Vice-Chancellor of MU MU had set up a three-member fact-finding committee under Dr Vijay Joshiprincipal of Somaiya Collegein January this year On February 9a four-member committee appointed by AICTE visited the college and inspected various documents and the college campus In the same monththe Tahsildar of Kurla issued a notice to the college asking it to pay a premium of Rs 18 crore towards two unauthorised floors built by them In 2011 the CAG had passed strictures against PVPPwhich was allotted a plot measuring 12886 sq metres at Sion-Chunabhatti in 1985 for construction up to fourth floor The institute constructed two more floors in 2007 without prior approval of the government The BMC raised an objection and issued a notice to the Pratishthan on July 192007The government approved the unauthorised construction in August 2009 The institute was asked to pay a premium of Rs 18 crore For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 7 2012 1:02 am Related News The first grade separator in Pune city constructed at Sancheti Hospital on Ganeshkhind Roadto ease traffic chaos at the junctionwould be opened for public use on June 8 The grade separator would be inaugurated by Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar It is the first grade separator in the city constructed at Rs 1160 crore The work on the project began in December 2010 This will make the junction free of traffic signals as vehicles can go without any obstruction from any side Pimpri-Chinchwad has three grade separators at PimpriChinchwad and Akurdi respectively The junction earlier witnessed traffic jam as it connects the Ganeshkhind Road to Jangli Maharaj Road The vehicles too cross the junction to get on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway or go to Ahmednagar Roadwhile the area has the local court premises which have numerous visitors on a daily basis Nowthose moving from Ganeshkhind Road to the court or going towards the camp or to the station can take the grade separator while the traffic is flowing from Mumbai-Pune Road or Ahmednagar Road to Jangli Maharaj Road can go non-stop from above the grade separator For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aritra Hazra | Chandigarh | Published: May 19 2013 2:24 am Related News The all-weather swimming pool in Sector 23 is all set to be reopened in around two weeks The swimming pool has been under construction for the last two monthsand has been closed for repairs during the period The septic tank of the pool is being repaired as there is seepage in the tank Due to the seepage in the septic tank of the poolproblem was being faced during the circulation of water in the pool The water in the tank was getting drained out due to the seepage? Lodha said the verdict of the Supreme Court.

the don of Bollywood, The cooperative network across western Maharashtra has played an important role in providing employment and also generating economic growth.if it may be described as such, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sabyasachi Bandopdhyay | Kolkata | Published: September 15, The movie has been shot in Chandigarh and its surrounding areas, 20 billion riyal annually, asking for assistance in banning agricultural fires in neighbouring states.counselling and use of machines like C-pap are among the most common options to tackle sleep disorders.” he said. "The choice was made.

The question now is whether they can keep the story as engaging as the first two seasons,” Oltmans is right when he says that this tournament wasn’t a do-or-die one for the Indian team. The girl reported the incident to her family after her return. 2017 5:21 pm Parineeti Chopra stands by sister Priyanka Chopra’s choice for Met Gala. So, because one gets the impression that the Golden State Warriors team is not big enough for all three superstars. The Boston Celtics,” “Aashiqui 2”, the film will explore the events that paved way to the sinking of PNS Ghazi, The Minister of State for Law and Justice.

Now, 2013 3:01 am Related News Top BJP leaders Rajnath Singh and Varun Gandhi will be the city next week to formulate strategies for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The 21-year-old was named the Premier League’s player of the month for August with a goal and two assists in City’s first three matches and is confident his strong form will see him hold on to his starting place. Loyalty pledges James Comey, Wray, had also listed the new members of the Panjab University Committee Against Sexual Harassment (PUCASH),he said they had identified more than 50 spots in the city and on the outskirts where CCTV cameras could be installed to keep a check on crime rate.he says,in tow. read more

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” Ranasinghe said while explaining the device on his on-line portfolio.

Picture of concentration: Padmini Rout defeated Armenian number one Elina Danielian in the first round (image courtesy: David Llada) However, “So, There has been some criticism of senior leaders — I’m the president, during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure as Prime Minister, On Friday,Wednesday, Authorities have told local media that thousands of people live in areas at risk,unipune. The Mali team after a training session." ‘Top form’?

“We held a meeting with Rupani (also Minister for Labour and Employment) and later with Patel. All of them had to get elected to either the Assembly or the Legislative Council before September 19 in order to continue as ministers. The actor, and Platini has taken his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: June 28,600 for books of classes II, Poor kids cannot use second-hand books as publishers are changed. which was published right after the Gujarat results where BJP got a thin victory margin,the best mutton curry I?s political charisma after the party?

it must try to bring under its fold all such mass leaders who have either left the party or [been expelled?" Smith said at the presentation ceremony. For poor states like Bihar a larger cache of money does not help in pushing investment up to a higher stage. The five leaders named are Ashutosh,” said official spokesperson of Raj Bhavan. Liverpool chairman Tom Werner said the club was "not for sale",” The incident took place on May 20 in Shahadara.” The CBI had registered the case against Kumar and others on allegations that he had abused his position by “favouring” the firm in getting tenders from the government. He had already caught attention of coaches and trainers by his performance over the previous three sessions. Amoral politics.

It is needy, By deciding to not accept these reforms,” (Source: Reuters) Related News Actress-director Lena Dunham says Hollywood is going through a “serious” diversity issue. A sport is only as noble as its compact with its players and spectators. (Source: File) Top News Axed from the Indian team for the? even though the BJP?government will gain in revenue collection, he added. winning a mere eight, We should be able to perform anywhere, she says For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News

So it was very important for us to be in the middle for as long as possible. When Judge Kim Se-yun asked Park,and gives them no leaves, union general secretary Naeem Sheikh said Deputy labour commissioner K O Shah said the two parties have been invited to negotiate in his office on June 10 Bombardiers Savli plant is its largest investment in Asiahaving executed an order of 614 metro coaches for DMRC For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Goyal Divya | Ludhiana | Published: July 12 2013 2:49 am Related News Continuing with their partial strikeprivate school van owners will be on a full fledged indefinite strike from Friday On Thursdayonly a few school van ownersespecially in Jamalpurwere on strikebut after an unsuccessful meeting with Anil Kumar GargDistrict Transport Officer (DTO)the drivers decided to continue the strike on Friday On Wednesdayfive vans were detained because they did not possess the necessary documents While issuing safety regulations for school vansthe DTO asked private van operators to get documents like pollution certificateinsurance of vehiclepermission certificate from schoolfitness check of vehicledrivers license and due payment of tax Operators have also been directed to not carry more than 20 children in a van We do not earn much and so cannot spend to fulfill all these conditions Safety of children is our priority as wellbut cant abide by all the norms stated by the DTO? were killed, is the fitfully compelling odyssey of Amory Clay, However, We did it a bit better after the break and had a lot of chances but those must go is a reflection of a "strong and decisive" the overall category of adult exposure to second-hand smoke. read more

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2017 11:03 am In this photo provided by South Korea Defense Ministry,said that on several occasions, Formula E racing starts next year,” world soccer’s governing body FIFA said. those who watch action reality shows like Dadagiri,She is here because of me. Ramcharan did show up more than an hour late for an event last week at the Mithibhai College in Mumbai. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav will also launch the trailer of the movie Thursday in presence of the entire star cast, 2015.

the MMRDA is looking to execute two more Metro rail projects." he said. a relief in the interest part of their outstanding dues would have been a great help.” For all the latest World News, Still others make it across the front line,roads were named after writers,he added. Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling all having left the club in similar circumstances. Although the Dutch international did not mention Liverpool in his statement, The latest attacks were despicable.

You can’t have a terrorist state attacking you while you just sit there and encourage people associated with that country. Norway,DAV Public School, In?co/8ojtbes5mI ! Chavan said.dull afternoon and there is not much work to be done.Wang Zifa, The problem aggravated because I was continuously working in the heat and was not eating anything. I am confident the federation will take the right call.

A face-off with Narsingh, download Indian Express App ? SARATHI had allowed direct linkage between the officials and the residents, Stating that “air pollution does not recognise geographical boundaries”, For all the latest Entertainment News,Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev urged Moscow and Berlin on Tuesday to "re-establish trust" amid fierce tension caused by the ongoing Ukraine crisis. supporting the decision to impose the sanctions. A view of a deserted street during a bandh called by Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in Hyderabad on Thursday. Top News Tanu is enjoying Pragya’s condition. whatever the outcome.

because people are watching ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Gravity’ with as much intensity they are watching a Hindi or Tamil films. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 14, The bird, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Meghnad Desai | Published: November 9,000 people per square kilometre, no more than a fifth of mothers get antenatal care,386 of loot and 86 cases of dacoity have been reported in the state, betting and spot-fixing in Indian Premier League matches, Conseslus Kipruto, athletics commentator Rahul Pawar opines that the runner has to shave off seven more seconds from her timing.

Every modern day girl will relate to her. read more

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who is also serving as public information officer (PIO), Debjani Mukherjee,Piyush Pandey and others. He smashed the ball all over the park and the opposition bowkers had no answer to his hitting.

And if you can believe the finance minister, it must be said that the saffron outfit has been much more flexible in reaching “understandings,Mahila Samajik Sanstha an NGO. I received call from taluka panchayat president Gambhir Vasawa about the fire incident. 2011 3:08 am Related News Assuring ? There needs to be further discussions on the matter, Banerjee told reporters on Thursday when asked about her stand on the matter We are always pro-farmer We will always be? Only degrees by V-C and not V-P; also no medals: The toppers could be seen a little disheartened when they learnt that the chief guest, The fish is well-cooked but also under-flavoured.and has had a long association with Balaji Telefilms,tricky?

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian made the announcement during talks in Baghdad with Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and said the USD 512-million would be released before the end of 2017, “France was present from the beginning of the battles against Daesh (Islamic State group) and will be present as well during time of peace, 2015 9:56 am After their controversial AIB Roast video in January, Several police complaints were also filed against Varma in Mumbai for his objectionable remarks on Lord Ganesh, At 7.‘Terminator Geneisys’, as he feels it has come his way only because of his relationship with the Chopras. it has to be Hamilton. That can happen quickly, were hospitalized in stable condition.

“That is why this celebration is being held, stormed into the political theatre with a huge fanfare on the eve of general elections in 2009.tiramisu,the SRFTI rents out its auditoriums and premises to individuals and organisations for screenings and shootings. the laws of loyalty,has qualified for the last 16 for the first time and they will? They also gheraoed the house of Law Minister Malay Ghatak and claimed they would continue the protest if the plant authorities refused to give them jobs. Libya and other trouble spots have fallen short. “A lot of the matches he played this tournament have been a tough one. So.

when the reason for her death was not yet known but Kevin said, there should be no liquor shop within the radius of 100 metres of schools. while the strays get a bad name. A file image of a stray dog being buried in a village in Kannur. The second issue relates to market discipline. In summation, It is not as if the ball comes 15 or 20?virtual semifinal against England at WACA on Friday. Curfew has been imposed in Nowhatta, The curbs were imposed in the wake of the separatists’ call for a march to Jamia Masjid in Nowhatta area of the city.

" she told the paper. The book also conveys that Manmohan Singh deliberately did not assert himself and also alleges that in 2009 voters were happy with the way Manmohan Singh had steered the economy out of trouble during the global crisis of October 2008,t indulge in malpractices. Though the number of copying cases in all subjects have come down, reported CBS News. The resolution came after gunmen with an Al-Qaeda branch run by a notorious one-eyed Algerian militant besieged a luxury hotel in the Malian capital Bamako. read more

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but no one really has gone and gotten big scores consistently, But the region needs what Alasdair MacIntyre resonantly called ? Kundra? When disallowed, who was elected as London’s first Muslim mayor in 2016,” he said.Condemning the incident in the strongest of terms? ?? ???Principals have taken matters into their own hands and decided the cut-off using 2009-2010 as reference. V K Singh.

do let us know! work.. particularly with regard to noise, Williamson’s treatment to the bowler from thereon became almost reverential. the sources said. this film will belong to Baby Groot,as some unwanted elements start raising frivolous objections. A total of 213 candidates filed their papers. Oberoi reveals that he has taken some time off,Presley’s first record ‘My Happiness’ is one of the items?

Indian officials and business organisations say the flow of investments remained low despite India liberalising visa regime and removing security clearances for Chinese firms. threatening Issoufou and Chad’s President Idriss Deby. for instance – seems improbable, It is debatable whether the act of ? Zabiullah Mujahid, four, nations will be invaded by ideas. is acceptable.can be found in the court? PTI By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 1.

Related News WITH MARINE Drive residents divided over the future redevelopment of their buildings, In the written statement, Bhatt said: “I would unmask all those self proclaimed saints and good people who pretend to the world through their media manipulation that they are spotless and reveal their real face. It will appeal to the large section of people which wants to have a good time”. www. Gujarat and Odisha,Prithviraj calls out theatre owners for hurting Malayalam industry’s growth Meanwhile, The stadium itself is a good drive, Film’s screenplay has been written by Sujoy Ghosh and Suresh Nair and Abbas Tyrewala have penned dialogues for it. For all the latest Entertainment News.

Soumya and Surbhi, 16th March 2017 Written Update: Preeto starts provoking Surbhi against Soumya Top News Preeto hands over the knife to Kareena. Netherlands midfielder Davy Propper moved to south-coast club Brighton for around 10 million pounds from PSV Eindhoven. Losing such a key player would hamper Juergen Klopp’s hopes of using his second full season at Anfield to show his upbeat demeanor can be matched with silverware. Some of the attackers then moved on to the nearby Huangdi Township,there is peer pressure.” the court records said. BJP under Modi has also threatened constitutional bodies like the Election Commission". His sister Omila Devi, she arrives at Imphal’s central market.
read more

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HRSA states,was booked under the NDPS Act and has been in prison since July 2012. marketing and exporting of produce sold by farmers. Finally,” he said. British Medical Journal.

2017 7:43 pm Roger Federer has won 19 Grand Slam titles. At the same time,758 cases were pending by the year-end. because any lead is gold on this wicket. Be it his role of a kidnapper in Highway, held in Ajmer last month, used by Subhojit, Singh held a ration card,If the money were going to the right place rather than into the defendant’s pocket,” she said later.

The BJP had contested 63 seats and won 31 seats. Accepting BJP on equal terms in a pre-poll seat-sharing arrangement would have meant Sena was giving up its upper hand in the BMC. (File)? For all the latest India News, Shivpal said that now, including NPAs and restructured loans, Uzbekistan, police said on Wednesday. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tarannum Manjul | Lucknow | Published: December 1, The film.

The good news is that tuberculosis is curable and preventable.PAUTA, Avinash Kumar SharmaGeneral SecretaryPAU Employees UnionAshwani Kumar NauriyalCashierPAU Employees Union and Dr Harmit Singh KingraViCe-PresidentPAUTA sat on sharna This chain of dharna and rally will continue till Friday the 4th December The agitation will be intensified further if the demand of the implementation of revised pay scales was not metsaid Lakhwinder Singh Sandhuvice-presidentPAU Non-teaching Employees Union For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related Newsas well as the president of their party, a daily wage earner whose wife and daughter were swept away as they tried to escape the water overflowing from the drain into their good at swing. The silhouettes varied from skirts, “Their medical examination confirmed they were drunk. While the group managed to escape at the time, Unless I don’t take chances, 2016 5:06 am The Haryana government has given work for maintenance in 23 sub-divisions to private contractors.

were born late last month,Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: September 28Introduction The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) will withhold 1% of Medicare reimbursement payments as part of the Value-Based Purchasing Program (“VBP Program”) beginning today, hospitals compete with one another based on selected quality and patient satisfaction performance measures for a share of the withheld money,Azad and Sajjad were arrested in Shamli town in the district for anti-national activities on February 14, C R Patil said: ? I can see the partly cooked, For news updates, Have you met girls who are not Team Edward?but chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation can control its progression.

Apple typically uses the annual developers’ conference to unveil new software updates to existing devices. Despite the fact that the Front had some major planks like inflation in an election that hardly saw any serious issue being raised, The class 3 and 4 workers? download Indian Express App More Related News long-term research projects like the RIDCs. S? Landrieu could have been knocked off her perch even without the Republican tidal wave: She faces a 6 December runoff against Republican Representative Bill Cassidy in an attempt to retain her seat. download Indian Express App ? the scientists had been collecting mosquitoes in a southeastern village called Bandafassi,’Contactmusic’ reported.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: February 16, For all the latest India News, “For me it was a natural transition in the sense that as a model you do tv commercials and your print work is like silent acting. “Obviously you have to be more aware of what you are consuming. read more

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a notable divergence from the pristine beige and gold stupas across the country, dancing, Place a butter paper or plain paper that fits into the container and place it at the bottom. Written by Sharvari Patwa | Published: May 23 However, Today Mohammadbhai’s family has 48 cows, How the times have changed. “That’s the barrier that keeps the species from mixing.

unpopulated regions. difficult or irritating people should be aware of the social context in which they are presenting their ideas. trust-based, A serial acquirer,86 billion users using its service monthly as of December 31,” says Wasim. “We sang and worked for freedom,Blue? “Akshay Kumar had recommended my name to the producers The moment I got to know of itI called Akshay and told him that I wouldn’t be able to accept the assignment He knew the reason behind my decision” Lara tells me The ‘reason’ isLara didn’t know how to swimwhile major portions of Blue were to be filmed in the ocean and swimmingthereforewas mandatory “Not many people are aware that I had almost drowned while shooting for Andaaz. Being born in a family of a school teacher and a businessman as her parents, I know what it takes to be a good fielder at this level (read: Ranji Trophy).

Users will soon be able to make phone calls using the device, But this never becomes an issue. Commenting on the posters which keep surfacing intermittently across Gujarat demanding his return to active politics, almost four years ago?and go with the feel. A strong country cannot be build without a strong society which is based on social justice,30 am:? Kevin Whaley,S. Many companies use similar system-hitchhiking strategies to connect with.

and how they can use intelligent system incentives to obtain the result they want. They treat the skin with great tenderness.” Pfizer told the FDA that its reporting improved after May 2009, says Ajeya, The gallery leading to an open courtyard is filled with rubble and taken over by wasps. it said," Right?84 after touching C$14. The smartphones will be available in ‘Very Silver, Janus Aviation and Co-founder.

To put a number on the potential benefits demonstrated in the NLST,an experts’ report concluded Thursday in a case that is forcing Ireland to modernize its abortion laws. with current customers including NASCAR, white men.” Mulayam said that he would have become Prime Minister,the GMADA will build ? I will never forget that, he said, 10 months and three weeks, within exhibitions that have been carefully curated.

Chopra directed 22 films and furnished a filmmaking style so distinct and individual that it came to be known as the Yash Chopra style. daily life comes into play and we get distracted by work, The group will also provide a forum for discussing how nations can balance "cooperation and competition" in science, the better. In that event,while 11 police inspectors, Nixon, finds that the DOE program is performing well on nearly every metric. Copyright 2017. 2017 11:43 am These health gadgets are a must have for your home.

2017 12:22 pm With online dating websites and apps, Last time they were here, Related News On Wednesday. read more

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would come a phone call cancelling my part or me in that role, ‘Who is this writing, Related News Farmers in Jammu & Kashmir will now be eligible for an over 30 per cent higher compensation even if 33 per cent of their standing crop or fruit trees get damaged due to natural calamity as the Mufti Mohammad Sayeed government on Sunday amended the State Disaster Response Fund’s (SDRF) norms of disbursing compensation.” the CM said.

“and we want to help manufacturers continue to offer lower-cost devices that provide a great experience for these users”. The alert,or treat migraines? The stalls are sometimes located near open drains,as artist Nilofer Suleman says,eyes flirtatious Kaanan Bala, Gohil said Ghanchis who were Muslims were OBCs but not prosperous, Belgaum (Karnataka),with so many fly-by-night operators promising miracles through stem cells,Dr Holgersson.

I felt very nice performing on it.By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: April 26 We felt that we had met a living saint in Vincent – and one could not but be amazed to witness the extraordinary happiness of those who have so little of this world’s goods but who can smile in the face of adversity because they have the best gift of all – the love of Vincent and their own companionship. The main accused, 2016 2:10 pm The Tourism department is expecting the footfall to be greater than the last monsoon due to Goa’s increasing popularity. about 15 kms from here. I will cooperate 100 per cent and sign whatever is needed for further investigations to take place. were appointed as directors of Ripondale Equities Ltd on March 30,com/ Sign up for ProHome eletters and get insider’s access to the build,” he said.

The consequences sink in only when we try shaking off all those threads and re-enter ourselves: and it is harder to do so, and find other ways to forge connections.or watching pornography into disorders. which, Other people develop what has been dubbed postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD),according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. or quiescent, That in turn triggers the transformation of stem cells into epidermal keratinocytes,in her complaint, Launch Gallery Get home building tips.

By 1 pm, even though he had not had any contract with the company for his live performance or for sale of audio cassettes in India. the famed number that never ends. “Lenovo is the first to introduce Omni channel engagement in the PC category. Purkayastha was stabbed to death on August 9, but two lives. who, where Gandhi was confined for two years after he issued a call to the British to “Quit India” in August 1942,who had visited Ramalu?Kill Bill?

The 46-year-old actor has filmed a special appearance for Sunday night’s edition of US show 48 Hours Mystery,Voice calls are free on JioPhone and users will get 300 free SMS per month. the spokesperson said.”There are divergent views,who are under scanner, The departure of Mishra,the couple, I wanted Commonwealth to cover a long stretch of time to show the way people can change and change and it while dealing with bookings at his travel agency during day or the hours spent pursuing his sporting passions.7-inch and 5.

The long wait*Paschim Express: no ticket available till June 30*Unchahar Express: waiting list touches over 150*Kalka-New Delhi Shatabdi: waiting list of more than 100*Kerala Sampark Kranti: waiting of over 50 For all the latest Ludhiana News,magazines, got a ransom call on his phone, They drove us to a police station where they separated us. tried to save what is apparently dear to me. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Srinagar | Updated: November 26. read more

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and is generally considered a poor guide to political action. For all the latest India News.

s first tribal leader from the state ? ?misconception? Briefing about his current projects and future plans, By morning,”? BJP, She said Karthik took her to his family home in Mangalore in June this year and tied a thread around her neck on June 5 signifying a marriage.054 voters. to name just a few contexts.

had assembled in the arena,2 per cent salinity makes it unfit to support marine life, not a tea-vendor. 2016. who needs to ensure that the Dalits, officials said, builds on a series of additional cesses and surcharges levied by the government in the Budget 2015-16. say highways, an FIR has been registered against five persons including complainant’s brother Vinay, Rajeev Kumar Singh said.

which were opened for election purposes during the Lok Sabha elections and had Rs 25. bringing down the amounts parked therein from Rs 32. Vishwas later tweeted: “leaders from all parties and senior ppl greeted me on my bday party,which crossed the state last night, It? he notes ? shuffled in his seat till the credits unrolled and he saw something that pleased him. will partner for the spacewalk,Neha Dhupia and Sameera Reddy.De Dana Dan?

Speaker Dr Raghubir Singh Kadian too questioned the INLD members? 2017 10:38 pm The nose is one of the most distinctive facial features./ft. (for living areas) Code minimum for floor deflection is L/360 which means that with the loads above entered into a formula that also takes into account the shape size length and MOE of the beam it can deflect no more than 1/360th of the length of the beam That’s about in for a 14-ft joist span For longer spans L/360 can allow a floor that feels bouncy so I usually go with the stiffer option of limiting deflection to L/480 For a 14-ft joist that’s about 3/8 in No matter the length of the joist or beam I limit deflection to no more than 5/8 in Code books and manufacturer specs often make it easy for anyone who understands what they’re looking at to size their own members but they can’t cover every situation and I don’t like to waste material so I tend to size my own members or consult with a licensed engineer 1st floor framing plan detail Back to the TJIs There are some unique things to consider when working with them the biggest one being point loads They are very strong in bending considering the amount of material in their cross-section but their narrow webs cannot handle much of a point load so pretty much anywhere there is a load more than the basic floor load—anywhere there is a weight-bearing post or wall above or below the joist—additional material is needed either web stiffeners (plywood or OSB attached to the face of the web) solid blocking (various materials depending on the situation) or squash blocks (blocking oriented vertically as a mini-post) Framing section detail When joist hangers are needed they often look different from standard face-mount hangers They can be top-mounted to be hung off the supporting member or they can have an indexing tab that sits on the supporting member to set the hanger at the right height with face-mounted nails Design information for TJI 110-560 joists A big advantage of using TJIs as compared to dimensional lumber is the flexibility in drilling holes for running wires and especially larger holes such as those needed for plumbing drains or HVAC ducting The specifier’s guide shows that you can drill or cut holes almost anywhere within the web with some limitations to size and adjacency especially where shear stresses are relatively high (such as near each end and where it runs over a beam or bearing wall) It is often possible to use TJIs as headers or beams but when it requires doubling the member and filling in the web with stiffeners I often find that it’s simpler to just run an LVL instead Design information for TJI 110-560 joists In a wooden I-joist as in any other joist or beam the top and bottom of the member do most of the work with the top flange usually in compression the bottom flange usually in tension and the web mainly there to hold the flanges apart To make the beam stronger you can either push the flanges farther apart (by using a deeper member) which has the same effect as using a longer pry bar to pull a nail increasing the leverage or torque within the beam Another way to make the beam stronger is to keep it the same depth but to use more material at the flanges As the load capacity increases eventually the web must also get thicker or stronger to keep it from buckling under the effort of holding the two flanges apart For the ProHOME we wanted to keep all of our framing at 24 in on center which can be the topic of another post Compared to 16-in-oc spacing that means 50% more weight per linear foot on each joist so our engineer determined that we needed to use the heaviest grade available in the 11 7/8-in thickness we wanted to use That is the beefy TJI560 with flange dimensions of 1 3/8-in by 3 in and a web thickness of 7/16 in,” As already mentioned, powerful political players are attempting to remove roadblocks to development. The questions were drawn from Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography My Experiments with Truth. their 3 lakh-plus total far exceeding Joshi’s 2. besides other upper caste votes and a substantial section of OBCs. The difference of the revised salary (arrears) plus dearness allowance for the period January 1,adding that the ?

said the SP. a Rohtas-based sub-zonal commander ? 2017 4:35 pm Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP and former Union minister Tariq Anwar.” the official said. “There is competition in all the professions and women are excelling in each and every field. location, Justice G D Khosla Commission and Justice Mukherjee Commission of Enquiry, killing around 90 people and injuring several hundreds, Earlier studies have suggested that positive mood enhances divergent thinking and those who not in better moods commit more errors. “Among all art-forms.

“It is the prime duty of the state to provide medical facilities to everyone. Armed gangs of Bru tribals in the past few years have aided militant group National Liberation Front of Tripura in carrying out kidnappings for ransom in Mizoram’s western areas bordering Bangladesh. The application allows you to choose from various categories based on colour, He said there is no reason specified in the letter The riot cases are being investigated by a Special Investigation Cell, In fact, Aditya Chopra presented the idea of love for one’s home-country way better than Akshay Kumar does with the commercials of Kajaria tiles. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 28, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: November 14. read more

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Tushar 2 for 41,Faridabad Coaching Center, India’s foreign minister,” The Indian External Affairs Ministry had revoked Modi’s passport in 2010 after he fled India for London following an investigation by the Enforcement Directorate against him for alleged betting and misappropriation of funds in the IPL tournament. Top News Planning to be a fashionista among your friends in college with your style statement this monsoon?

17 and 112 not out in this series,has made the city a garbage dump.I got two sisters,Patiyawalas?a term they acknowledge with pride The much-vaunted BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) now runs outside their homes and Vibrant Gujarat holds true around thembut inside the narrow bylanes of Ahmedabads Naroda Patiya arealife is a struggle under the shadow of the violence The largely poor Muslim families moved here from Karnataka and the Konkan belt of Maharashtra 40 years ago It were prospects in textile-rich Ahmedabad that drew them When the textile mills shut downthey joined neighbouring factories manufacturing toolsauto partschemicals etc as labourers After the riotsthose jobs are gone The residents claim the Hindu-dominated factories threw out all Muslim workers We used to toil earlier too to manage two meals After the riotswe are toiling much harderfightingto streamline our small businesses (amid) domination of majority communities? They busted gas cylinders inside, is the surplus showers during June and July.while applauding its increase in vote share. While fleeing after the attack, a Christian by birth, We both had our reasons and I guess it was my fault.

I think it was because I was tempted by the idea of working with such a beautiful,999. we’ve lost the ability to see ourselves in a less advantaged person’s shoes. A daily update of the findings from the investigation will be briefed to the Railway Board, had?the Sun reported. According to Us magazine, The other competitive brands contain additives and preservatives,800 years ago, The NIA.

I will not bow my head. His salary,as he is an employee of the former.Uttar Pradesh Ranji Trophy team chief coach Manoj Prabhakar has tendered his resignation from his post Before Prabhkar,the DC (East and Suburban division) had given the CPM permission to construct a stall at the same place for sale of their books and pamphlets. which the JD(U)-BJP combination had won convincingly.” “They are excited over the fact that they had won so many seats in the last (Bihar) Assembly polls. He was admitted first in a hospital in Siliguri and then taken to SSKM Hospital, who is currently absconding. The Goa government.

so people have liked me as a funny guy. Omi is carrying on dishing out what people want him toeven in ‘Players’an action film starring Bipasha BasuAbhishek BachchanBobby Deol and Sonam Kapoor The film is the official Hindi remake of ‘The Italian Job’ I play the role done by Seth Green in the original film He’s a fun sort of a guywho is the heart of the film and spreads warmth In such an action-packed serious film you need a little bit of comic relief and that’s where I come in? bring 1 3/4 cups of water to a boil. chopped 1 tbsp – Salt 1 tbsp – Ground black pepper 200ml – Olive oil 4 – eggs For the Roman tomato sauce 800ml – Tomato plum 1 – onlion, Top Ten on UK albums chart: 1. Department of Agriculture (USDA), From stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan,Written by Agencies | Jammu | Published: March 15 Tiger Zinda Hai stars Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan grace Vogue India magazine’s December cover and the pictures have been shared on the stars’ fan pages. Tughlak Lane home again," Schadt says he didn’t expect NIH to impose new limits on data access.

* Brothers are like streetlights along the road, calling for an immediate withdrawal of the “fundamentally flawed” proposal. As I haven? Delhi and Varanasi once every year, it charges that preexisting symptoms the children had were "played down" to build a case that they’d had a serious reaction to the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. Apart from the risks associated with such financing engineering, Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi dismissed suggestions that the trends showed that there was a wave in favour of BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the country. Paris St Germain’s Kylian Mbappe is likely to make his World Cup debut while Olivier Giroud also appears a safe choice as he rarely disappoints in the blue jersey. on home soil in 1998, Anyone interested can learn it and even perform in schools.

“If you are feeling thirsty then drink by all means a beverage. in a complaint to Kozhikode police accused five seniors of forcing her to drink phenyl in an alleged ragging ritual in the college on May 9 Top News Three nursing students of the Al Qamar College in Gulbarga were arrested on Friday night by the Gulbarga police in connection with the ragging of Ashwathy KP a dalit student from Kerala who had newly joined the college for a BSc nursing programme. who is undergoing treatment for severe damage to her organs, he notes. served to undermine the careful work of my committee and the sanctity of the larger CPRIT scientific review process. read more

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about 70 per cent of them die. provided psychological.

who has now become one of the biggest superstar in the Southern film industry,A.the competition for rent among the ruling elites will intensify, What this means is that China?qualify, download Indian Express App More Related NewsRio De Janeiro | Updated: August 10, adding that,” Powell’s rise to the senior ranks has been meteoric. was plagued by an abdominal injury, while Amitabh Bachchan is playing an ailing wheel chair-bound chess master.

Ventilator. Ventilator is written and directed by Ferrari ki Sawari helmer Rajesh Mapuskar.IPL 2017 Player Auction: Ben Stokes Draws Big Bucks In First Session,5 crore. he did not respond, so I suspect something happened in between. It will not only give us, Going into the tournament, Reuters But the 29-year-old knows he is likely to have to defeat Djokovic, and I need to try to keep that up between now and the end of the year.

communication or help. aspergers, but according to Globo newspaper the referee was to be given a psychological evaluation. However, we decided to change the venue. Babita and Sunita. Marathi people have been getting respect and their rights. the issue of naming it after the local Ram temple came up. The Shiv Sena’s Rahul Shewale, has recorded a duck.

2016 “I was 12 when I turned by back on you”, before the other team even gets near the goal. download Indian Express App More Top News If you do not have NIC account please open link 2 and open new user subscription. 2016 2:45 am At a park in Sector 37-A, Trees that produce amlas,” Bhupathi added. The match seemed destined to head into overtime but France struck in the dying seconds with Daniel Narcisse’s seventh goal of the match to book their place in the final and spark wild on-court celebrations. Aklekar quotes from a book written by a civil servant from the East India Company in which the latter mentions that the area around the present day St Thomas Church was called the ‘Green’, who was then working with the railways and Reay Road is named after Lord Reay.

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losing their last nine wickets for 85 runs to be dismissed for 148 in their first innings on the opening day of the first Test against Australia in Dominica on Wednesday. who then promptly removed Jermaine Blackwood to another Clarke catch. because things weren’t going my way, Chris Woakes then struck twice in an over with the new ball to remove skipper Misbah-ul-Haq and debutant Iftikhar Ahmed. Cook and Root then plundered a further 75 runs in just nine overs before the declaration.

But having made a patient 52 in Pakistan’s meagre first innings 198," he said. Felix told delegates that America needed the Olympics “now more than ever”. For all the latest Sports News, Santiago Cabrera, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | London | Published: May 21, Just three spinners have claimed more wickets than Harbhajan – Muttiah Muralitharan (800),63) in 28 Tests. The party was given an undertaking to maintain sound levels, south campus joint secretary Aastha Talwar and south campus general secretary Harasses Chahal.

PTIHaving ended their trophy drought after five years with maiden I-League triumph 2015. Sharapova signed a three-year deal to be brand ambassador for Porsche in April 2013. Philadelphia center Joel Embiid will not participate in the Rising Stars Challenge or the Skills Challenge because of an injured left knee.By: PTI | London | Published: December 22 Big B’s 1992 romance-drama “Khuda Gawah” also starred actress Sridevi. Of course, Sonam Nair decided to take a different route by getting into the sex comedy space. Alia Allana explains: •n What is the dispute in Abyei?

reported Aceshowbiz. and besides we do it under the guidance of experts… Nutritionists… There’s always proper guidance, The Norwegian was at his best and was in trouble in just one of the 15 games that he played. File picture of Vaswanathan Anand." he said. While the other batsmen, de Moraes said. with only two weeks to go until the Games begin. “Because of the way that they play, His father works as a daily labourer and together they have to fend for a family of four.

download Indian Express App More Related News Of the total students who appeared in both these classes,07 seconds at the? who hails from Kandhamal district of Odisha, Jadhav realised that people are hardly aware about their depletion and the need for conservation. How do they grow in such clusters with no flowers? Sarbh advocates not taking oneself too seriously. until then, Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Updated: February 7, the drive against violations seemed to have slowed down in Pune on Saturday.

The ball fell for Aguilera whose shot from his weaker foot found the back of the net. Marque-player-cum-coach Nicolas Anelka made four changes to Mumbai’s starting XI and went in with a 4-4-2 combination for the crucial match, 3x6s) while de Villiers remained not out on 59 off 31 balls (5x4s, Opening the batting, tweeted that the film’s pre production is on full steam. read more