Taobao how to get a good name


shop has become a commonplace in the current, but the shop is easy, there is a certain difficulty to choose for the products, operators also need a lot of Kung fu. For women sellers, prefer to do the category is the dress shoes bag, with unique aesthetic and their understanding of women, a lot of new female sellers on the opening of the women’s clothing store Taobao. In addition to the need to find high-quality women’s clothing suppliers, but also need to be able to give a good impression of the name of the shop. read more

The external links of the northeast economic zone are strengthened

on the road of economic development, we can not do without the coordination and cooperation of all parties, inseparable from the government’s strong support, can not be separated from its own transformation and upgrading. How to better develop the Northeast Economic Zone? October 20th, the Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone, an important open cooperation activities – China (Guang’an) Sichuan Cooperation Demonstration Zone and the Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone Investment and trade conference will be held in Guang’an. Actively integrate into the development of Chengdu Chongqing urban agglomeration and promote the scientific development of resources. Northeast Sichuan Economic Zone should strive to build a regional economic center of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, to build the province’s multi pole multi polar support for emerging growth poles. read more