How to work while working side shop

in the current era of entrepreneurship, countless people who have a good job want to resign on the entrepreneurial path. However, the ten want to give up the work of a small white-collar shop, there will be nine parents, family strongly opposed, the rest of the family, even if they do not oppose is not very supportive. The reason is very simple, the ups and downs of the business market, the risk is too great, one will not be able to make ends meet, it is better to go to work.

not to mention the market and other factors are not very sure. There are parents heart concerns more, feel the child is studying hard for so many years, in the end there is a stall selling things? They can not understand the freedom of modern people, but do not think the traditional businessman, white-collar workers decent, taking into account these factors, the nature of the shop will not support attitude. read more

Wine ten brands list

the quality of the wine cabinet, will have a direct impact on the quality of the collection of wine, therefore, people will naturally be very cautious about the choice of wine brands. Next, let Xiaobian to recommend it to the top ten wine brands list, so that more consumers can choose to appropriate wine products.

ten wine brand rankings, Haier NO.1 Haier was established in 1984, a world-class home appliances brand, Chinese enterprise 500, the world first brand of white goods, one of the most valuable brands Chinese, Haier Group Company. read more

Shenyang entrepreneurial salad activities kicked off

The importance of

entrepreneurial platform has gradually been recognized entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial activities around the country to attract a lot of customers, through the exchange and display, more and more entrepreneurial projects continue to be born in this. Northeastern University’s entrepreneurial salad to create a platform for customers to create.

11 20 days to 22 days, Jiang informed "residual" project (Cheng bright in helping support, help disabled people to improve Internet thinking and implementation ability, thus helping the platform of employment) opened the "Shenyang entrepreneurial salad" activities in Northeastern University started off. Venture salad attracted more than 100 entrepreneurs and more than 20 angel investors, entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs who are concerned about entrepreneurship. Activities began, entrepreneurs will be their own ideas and ideas expressed in 1 minutes and the audience to vote, finalists and then go through the in-depth study of 2 days and 2 nights, and ultimately honed the formation of the project to participate in the final. read more

Love ice cream ice seasons small business join optimization

easy to learn quickly, it must be joined the ice cream project ah. Want to start a better business, to choose to join the ice and snow love four seasons ice cream? Earn all the year round! Business to friends!

according to statistics, China’s future will become the largest ice cream consumption country, ice love ice cream companies in terms of market opportunities throughout the margin, took the lead in the China soft ice cream market open and regional franchise, detonated Chaoyang industrial wealth opportunities, the majority of entrepreneurs are leading to success road to riches. read more

How to keep the queue waiting for customers

once it’s time for dinner, it’s a normal thing to line up outside the restaurant. However, a lot of restaurants because of business strategy, resulting in a large number of these queuing customers, the restaurant business has a very negative impact. So, how to keep the restaurant waiting queue customers?

data show that there is a certain amount of restaurant of "customer queuing" if the effective management, the customer lost rate is only about 20%; and the smaller but distinctive restaurants on the queue if there is no effective management, customer churn rate will exceed 50%, up to 65%. read more

What can do poineering work two not mistake

now get rich way more, so some commuters like using the free time to send small property, such as the use of the winter vacation during the Spring Festival, that in the end what do most make it, it would have to have a good plan.

the winter vacation is yet to come, but in order to allow their children to fight more chips, to go all the way in the future studies in the school, many parents have begun to go to training institutions, for the children enrolled in various classes, skills training etc.. Readily brought a newspaper for nearly a month, the top of the overwhelming class recruitment advertising dazzling. Cultural class counseling classes, specialty classes, the cost is less than a few hundred dollars, more than a few thousand dollars. According to the survey found that only in Haidian District, for example, the development of training and educational institutions, such as springing up in general, from 480 in 2000, up to now has reached the size of the more than and 600. read more

nventory of the most vulnerable to the way you do things

entrepreneurship is a hot word in recent years, with the increasingly difficult problem of employment, entrepreneurship for many young people is a very good way out. It is said that one out of every 5 people you know is starting a business. They wander, lonely, but insist. It’s a long way to go, but it’s worth it. This road will encounter many obstacles, and these obstacles will often disrupt your rhythm, or even a failure……

once contact customer graduated from famous university, people is the most lack of things for him. A "next year we are still young: desire, time, life, regret," the reality will bring him into the people’s vision, but 2 years later, he said his business failed, in the "early product" "false target user" primary error before, people cannot help him solve any the problem.

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The prospect of the future home industry

now more investment entrepreneurs in the choice of the project is concerned about the problem is no longer able to make money but how to develop prospects. The future Home Furnishing franchise industry shirupozhu! Now people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, which is the development of the home to join the infinite space!

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The young couple Xinjiang fried powder month turnover of 100 thousand yuan

what would you like, chicken or beef? There are no taboos what?" Jin Meijiao, as he quickly recorded in the order book, said hello to the repeat guests. Beijing in the land of Lama Temple in a small alleyway of a 16 square meter facade, Beijing Institute of Technology senior, 22 year old Liaoning girl Jin Meijiao and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication senior, 23 year old Li Jianfeng Xinjiang guy guarding their pioneering work, a Fried rice noodles shop. Two and a half table, a small kitchen, two young and ignorant young people in the outside world that opened their gold road. read more

Restaurant named these exquisite you know a few

people born at the beginning of their parents will give yourself a name, which is a representative of your personal identity, the name is very meaningful and important thing in china. The shop name is the same, now open restaurants should not only has a good taste, but also need to have a good name, a good name is very important for customers, more than a full catering shop introduced more easy to remember, but also more easily spread. So how should take its restaurants? Should pay attention to the following points. read more

The dry cleaning washing it wise remark of an experienced person washed out beautiful people

is the product of the dry cleaning industry in the fast rhythm of life, but also in recent years one of the most attractive entrepreneurs to invest in the industry, the fast pace of life for the dry cleaning industry great development of the market, now with the continuous industry city, entrepreneurs have joined, want to do a good job in the dry cleaning industry has   is not a simple matter.

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Operating underwear stores need to pay attention to what

underwear is very important clothing, and now many friends will want to open their own underwear store. So, in the operation of underwear stores, need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

1, joined the shop operation simple: "join" said a simple point is to let the layman can be familiar with specific matters through short-term education and training, from amateur to proficient, so be sure to store a simple operation.

2, a popular consumer brand underwear: a lot of people think, open to underwear store business is good, the product must be unique, out of the ordinary, actually this idea is right, but only suitable for stores, boutiques and many stores, that is applicable to a certain size, if you want to copy, a lot of continuous expansion shop, they have to take the popular route. read more

nnovation and entrepreneurship class needs a good hard water exercise

concept of innovation and entrepreneurship has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the new era of entrepreneurs who have such avant-garde ideas. The day before, Chen Riting had a very good experience of college students about the innovation class, his feeling is: open easily, good trouble.

"if the school offers innovative entrepreneurship courses, I probably wouldn’t be going to." Chen Riting, who graduated from the University in 2014, is now running his own business project – "together", which is a focus on young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 social entrepreneurial media. During the period of school, Chen Riting had no chance on innovation and entrepreneurship courses; and in the entrepreneurial road stumbled over a year Chen Riting think back, think university professors from the start of the battlefield, I am afraid it is difficult to give her what practical help. read more

Korean barbecue Di yuan can give investors what support

Since the

catering transformation after the health and nutrition quality elements are integrated into various catering brand investment projects, even if it is ever considered the roadside barbecue, now through the transformation has become the hearts of the people by one of my favorite food consumer goods.

in recent years, the development of barbecue industry is very popular, attracting more and more attention to the investment, Han Di yuan has become a hot investment in the meat industry, many brands, Han Di yuan barbecue is particularly popular. How to join Han Di yuan barbecue cost how much? As the barbecue industry leading brands, Han Di yuan barbecue was founded in 1999, belongs to the Fushun Han Di yuan Catering Management Co., Ltd. brand, mainly engaged in selling barbecue. So what is the support of the brand? read more

How much money to invest in early business franchise

national two-child policy carried out so many related industries all around development is very good, such as the early education industry now is like a raging fire phenomenon in first-tier cities entrepreneurship, high pressure, high risk, not suitable for novice investors. Second tier cities in the choice of entrepreneurship, the cost is smaller, easier to operate. In the second line to open early education center, then, how much money to invest in early education franchise


in the second line to open early education center, for a mature city, it should be some fixed, big brand early franchise stores to join the sales of relatively concentrated streets. This street is often in a relatively prosperous central business district, of course, where the rent will be higher, the relative benefits of high rents, turnover will be much higher. The size of the second tier cities is relatively small, this commercial street, bustling streets may have only one or two, therefore, choose to open early education here to join the store, consumers must be very much. read more

Open shop to do what preparations

business process is really important, make adequate preparations only in the early days, in order to have a certain development in late stage, creating success cannot do without the business early prepared, see the online shop some necessary preparations.

is the first choice to dress up.

The second is the distribution of
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Open vegetarian restaurant healthy fashion business

‘s living standards are improving, but more and more vegetarians. This is business opportunities. Want to make money easily? Healthy and stylish vegetarian restaurant is very good to help you easily gain business opportunities. However, there are many places need to pay attention to the operation of the vegetarian restaurant, as follows:

1, of course, the main vegetable dish vegetable dish museum. The vegetable dish divided into two kinds, one is the conventional homemade vegetable dish, two vegetable dish is a buddhist. One vegetable dish to make a feature and the taste is very difficult, please make a special one vegetable dish chef, and store renovation costs large investment limited. Do first homemade vegetable dish, if necessary, can be dedicated to future development of Buddhism vegetable dish. Do you require the operator to seize the homemade vegetable dish vegetarian meat is more broad than the characteristics of wheat and soybean, vegetables and fruits can do what. read more