High fever Beijing and other hot property market after the National Day holiday began to cool down

faced with soaring housing prices, many people said they could not afford to buy, although the real estate market transactions are still hot, but most people just feel hopeless to buy a house. However, although prices on the rise, the government has taken a series of measures awesome. "Down, down, and finally down." After the National Day holiday workers found in intensive policy under pressure, a second tier hot property market fever like cooling, net signed copy of a sharp contraction, the individual city for a day or even a "whiteboard". read more

Ningbo 896 college students cultivate talent pool

the current Internet domain most in need of entrepreneurial talent electricity supplier, but there are also disjointed phenomenon between universities and society, talent is not market enterprises need the university talents training and China entrepreneurial talent also needs to be improved.

"as a marketing staff, to analyze the potential demand of customers, the customer does not cooperate, learn hard and soft." The evening of November 25th, Haishu District 896 entrepreneurship Park lights, 40 from the Ningbo Institute of education, students are still learning marketing knowledge, this is a training camp in Haishu for the delivery of e-commerce talent and build. read more

Toy chain stores to attract customers coup

we know that in order to attract customers, a toy chain store should also do some promotional activities in addition to quality products. The shop is not to promote and propaganda, want to open a successful toy chain stores we need to learn those promotion method? How can we make our toy chain stores more famous?

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Network is fertile ground for young entrepreneurs dream

now, there are few college students with entrepreneurial ideas, but not everyone can succeed. One of only 6 employees of small and micro company, all the members eat and live and work are all crowded in a small three bedroom house, can only set up half the time, on a monthly income of more than 1 million yuan of outstanding performance. This is happening at the East China University of Science and Technology [micro-blog] math graduates Yin Qing who entrepreneurial story, but also an entrepreneurial myth. read more

How can we get a clothing chain stores

basic necessities of life is very important, in the first row is inserted, visible dress is the priority among priorities, thus starting from the garment industry, a lot of people, people love the beautiful clothing, everyone can buy clothing, so clothing industry profits continue to increase. Choose to open a clothing chain stores, earn a lot. How to open a chain of clothing stores clothing products should be guaranteed to get good goods, business is better to do. Here, to share with you a few take goods skills. read more

How to pull the customer

now the pace of life is fast, people are doing what is in a hurry, which for many shops, is undoubtedly a big problem above the operation. In 2003, I opened a grocery store in Huashan on the road. There are several large factories nearby, every day to work, there are a lot of workers from my shop. But they could not stand, always in a hurry, do not pay attention to my store at a glance. Is the customer’s time is precious, or my product is not attractive, or is the customer really don’t need this kind of goods? read more

Open tea shop purchase proposal

open tea shop need to purchase, rich in store product variety, but how to purchase it? Many franchisees are very interested in this issue. In fact, the purchase of the problem is very important, with positioning and cost have a great relationship, so the problem needs attention. Xiaobian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to help you.


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How to do a good job marketing

in the old days, people pay attention to the wine is not afraid of deep alley, but in the new era, people gradually realize the importance of marketing. Some entrepreneurs want to open a restaurant, in order to stand out, or have to master a certain marketing skills, then how to do a good job marketing restaurant?

1, new media marketing: spread fast, wide radiation, good results, the rapid release of the brand

in the first shop in the coastal city opened, fish with high quality in the Internet platform to micro-blog + WeChat combination opened information promotion, make full use of the new media platform, the strength of discount + micro-blog + WeChat Quest mode decryption, micro-blog lemon network probe store, share WeChat lemon friends circle case, said this shop how hot and 24 hours, let the opening activities have been unprecedented attention at the same time, also let a fish brand hot night city. read more

Taiwan food chain to join matters needing attention

as an investor, with a long-term vision of the market is one of the essential qualities. Catering market covers a wide range of people can not imagine, there is no geographical distinction, Taiwan food brand is a good choice. To join the Taiwan cuisine, a lot of franchisees because it is not clear that the situation is often easy to go astray, so Xiao Bian here for the Taiwan franchise to give you a few suggestions, we want to help.

1, petty bad

now Taiwan restaurant chain has a lot of uneven, without qualification of the brand, we should pay attention to distinguish, the best go to the company visits, after tasting the product taste and make a decision, blind choice will only bring endless troubles. read more

Recommend a few good projects for women entrepreneurs

in modern society, people’s thinking has progressed, and women can have their own careers. What do women entrepreneurs do? Female friends can open a small shop to start a business, choose a good project, a higher coefficient of money oh! Today Xiaobian for female friends recommend a few good projects to make money.

a nostalgic embroidered bar:

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Xiao Bian summed up a number of self perceived hand travel process for your reference

now, the increase in the pressure of life and work, so that a lot of people hand travel way. Mobile Games industry fire, tens of millions of monthly income exposed a lot, will attract a large number of young people left their homes. The uncle met every kind of tea Mobile Games entrepreneurial team, also witnessed the team also witnessed soaring earning million, the team disbanded to find work. In this, summed up a number of self believe that the hand travel business process for your reference. The team had failed to ignore

1., at least 3 years experience in the production of the game

2. was the best team of 3 people: the main policy and the main process of />

3. product development period has sufficient funds to support

4. product development stage, basically is 3 months, 6 months, a small change in a big change. Chengdu also encountered some entrepreneurs, 6 months continuing product development, product development looked up to find this type of game is out of date. Therefore, in the product open > read more

How to choose the right location

a lot of entrepreneurs on the location of the store is very distressed, the location of the store to choose the location of the success or failure of the business has a crucial impact, when entrepreneurs in the choice of the location of the store, in the end should pay attention to what?

in the bustling business district of the second business store choice

the bustling business district of relatively strong popularity, concentrated consumption has become the very many entrepreneurs preferred store choice. But in the early days of the business district, tens of thousands of monthly rent and a lot of money transfer fee will make your money immediately stretched. In addition, the bustling shopping district in the large shopping malls regular discounts, gift giving activities will make your store a serious impact on people. read more

Henan to create things promising

in life we often hear the word is the Internet, the Internet of things, we almost have no concept. So, what is the Internet of things? Henan to create things will be promising what is it? According to a report by McKinsey, a well-known consulting firm, is expected to 2025, the Internet of things, including the birth of the new industrial economies, including the Internet, the market size or will reach $11 trillion. Internet of things, the third wave of the world’s information industry after the computer, the Internet, how will we change our lives? What opportunities will Henan bring? read more

Land premium guards Shanghai pure residential land premium rate of more than 100%

With the further development of

City, the land resources are becoming more and more scarce, which leads to the value of the land. Recently, Shanghai pure residential land premium of more than 100% guards. Let’s look at the details of the report.

although the first tier cities property market turnover has cooled, but housing prices to get the enthusiasm is still high.

5 11, 3· 25 in Shanghai; the first land auction after the new conference, including garden, Jin Di, Xu Hui, financial record, Longhu, Greenland and other more than 30 housing prices in Shanghai 4 business land for, including 3 pieces for the pure homestead, 1 pieces of land for commercial use. read more

How can a storefront make up for the defect

shop to do business is a lot of choice, you can choose what kind of project, how the style of decoration, and so on, if it is the kind of ladder with the appearance of how to attract people? Do business candidates shop, often avoid the front of the shop has a step, no matter how many steps, there will be more or less hindered the flow of passengers.

and little is known, if you can skillfully use the stairs, may account for the cheap. What kind of "step philosophy" is contained in this? read more