Case analysis of enterprise website drop right reason and Countermeasures

, a site of Shanghai Longfeng data analysis


server spaceThe

website, it is the internal structure and layout, site quality, the main part of the server space and the external links. Learned from the feedback information of the friend, the station was a year to Shanghai dragon company, the first reaction is certainly excessive optimization. The station of the Shanghai dragon basic data are as follows;

server is the server is stable, there is no too many illegal websites with the Ip website. After the examination, were normal. read more

Love Shanghai or break the monopoly position of search users will have more choice

Google withdrew from the China market, Shanghai began to occupy the greatest love in the world Chinese search name, many users had to choose the love Shanghai search. Insiders know that the love of Shanghai have their own technology, but basically accepted is the love of Shanghai has been in the imitation Google, in addition to innovation in a so-called Phoenix Nest system.

2010, Google refused to continue the audit requirement of government Chinese search content, and angrily announced to Hongkong exit China search market, instead of the previously Google market is love Shanghai eroded, from China search position was completely love Shanghai love Shanghai monopoly, no strong competitors, the right to choose and hijack the user station no other better. read more