Methods to improve the rate of the site included

is the first to know which pages are not indexed by search engines is to sort out all links or make all pages of some tools to crawl the site, and then use the batch query results are derived from this software, you can easily have not included page. And then according to these page optimization. One of the important reasons is that the spider page not included this page repeat not included, so for this page, is to add the content, or for the original work, if the page can also delete the useless. read more

Website title and content of the page title how to write is a kind of Art

in the page titleThe

1, according to the website planning

estimated that many people see the clouds in Jinsong the title of the article will be rather baffling, think the site title and page title is nothing more than around the site theme or topic is written over, how to improve the level of art? Don’t worry, let Xiaobian analysis from the following four points, we judge the title of the writing is not a kind of art, how important.


page title page title writing and writing are different. I believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er have seen some website pages open after not set the title, which led to the page title consistent and thus a large number of duplicate content. So the content page title must be written, the correct spelling is the title + site title. The title of the article is to overview the thrust of the article, as a composition on the topic, it is of course for Shanghai dragon title to add a keyword, especially for the brand website, in order to get traffic rank > read more

How to improve the site traffic SMO work is very important

necessary work can not be less

how to retain users, allowing more users to return to

in addition, is also necessary to establish several QQ group, so that users can tell you there is no distance contact, become familiar with, naturally will often come to your site around a circle is not

in addition, the exchange links also need to pay attention to the link must be patient to find high quality links, can bring many benefits to their own website, but some links may not update a month, some even have been KO! Which has a great influence on their own website, and cannot be ignored. read more

What are the factors affected by the user of the website evaluation of love


users back rate

page in the search results click rate of

users through search engines to search for a keyword, if you "just in the front row, or the home page, so it is enough to let the users of your web page interest to click on, then, we want to see is the click rate? If your website ranking when a user keyword the front, but not what the click rate, so natural that you love the web site from the user, for what reason, it cannot be mention in the same breath, each site conditions are not the same. read more

Newbie bitter history of a student’s work in Shanghai Dragon

in this condition, and then resume work before the state is a bit difficult, next month, the results of my work is zero, oh, no, is what pressure is negligible.

what changes? One December 16th night love Shanghai and exhaust K station incident must we all remember? In the K event, the station has not survived the grassroots brother, site was plucking, the daily flow of three hundred or four hundred IP, love Shanghai union Advertising Commission also sharply reduced, but the problem is, in every article is our own original, and not released "junk chain", why is K? Think impassability, of course, the grassroots brother Shanghai dragon was extremely shallow, stupid people. read more

How to restore the video acquisition station was drop right after Shanghai love

March 23rd, open the webmaster tools, the weight is 5, but from the cnzz, from IP to fall in love with the sea, from about 4500 before, more than 300, high flow word basically fell.

March 24th, in addition to love Shanghai love Shanghai basically know, outside Shanghai Post Bar love love Shanghai, web search has been 0IP. In addition to my own search point is 1 IP.> in domain name

here is my right down near to the date of the operation of.

first introduce my site background: 3 years and 7 months before any binding domain, a blog, from 13 years in November 20th began to make the movie station, with the fly CMS program, it has been nearly 4 months, nearly 3 television stations in the month it started (love Shanghai, the following omitted. Is that love Shanghai) search rankings, get traffic from the page to be right down before March 21st, love Shanghai included 24000, almost every 6000IP 1:2.5 PV. love stand the weight of 3. read more

n order to solve the website optimization for domestic trouble and foreign invasion in an invincibl

Access and access speed of

in the other articles written about the content of the website is decided by the number of included and the number of search engine display, web site outside of the chain determines the weight and ranking the main keywords and long tail keywords. So you want to make your keywords and long tail keywords have good rankings will need to build the chain enough, the construction of the chain have many articles here is not explained. Do external links must be careful, some links can not do, some links must do better, do a good link to 10 low quality links, to. read more

Picasa referrals and AdSense referrals were completely cancelledNovice friends please do not rush t

Wangzhuan mode allows the pay and reward is disproportionate, one day online not to earn money, but one day an hour online can make million more! More Wangzhuan by thought and some technology and experience! Join Wangzhuan the first step is not to make money, but if you learn how to make money! The network can make money do not know why I asked: Join Wangzhuan earn a month? Even if you ask for a master, but who can answer


shlf1314 AdSense Chinese today in the official blog published a new announcement "AdSense promotion will be updated," said read more

Optimization in the medical industry experience

in September 2012 began to enter the medical profession to do optimization. Do not know how to think, it may be because of a momentum, gave up 5000 of the work, to a network company for the health care industry project, a wage became 3000. Want to buy a iphone5 are not willing to, so now still using special machine "grass root millet".

for the server, title etc. Finally directly by the Shanghai K fell in love, love is the sea K off time, ZhengZhan forbidden love Shanghai grab all the columns of the TITLE, describes all write up. Then a colleague and began to write original articles, because many columns, very few people, we one day of the original article can only update the general column, equal to two days can put all the programs are updated again. Finally pays off, at the time, 1 months after the start of K included, but the home is right to be reduced. Then go to the corresponding medical topics to contribute, to restore the home page weight. After half a month, the weight of the home page up. So he spent nearly three months. This time, Shanghai issued a "green" love, so just in time, all the garbage outside the chain of all get rid of. So the "green" and not much problem. read more

How to do popular keyword optimization

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical



how to do popular keyword optimization, must make friends in the pursuit of things, once popular keywords ranked top in the search engine, so your site traffic will surge, and if you do nobility baby AdSense advertising alliance, popular keywords will bring considerable revenue.

special chain optimization:

why so long keywords

"windows7 Chinese download this set of keywords is already very long, but this is a phrase, first of all, to avoid the popular keywords, secondly, this group of long tail keywords can be split into windows7 Chinese version, windows7 download, and according to the habit of most users can determine, after Microsoft released windows7, a someone will search windows7 download address (Chinese custom). read more

By using the new site to build a solid platform outside the chain of high quality

on Sina dictionary as long as you link to a rapid increase in attention to the above points, the rate can reach 99%, an average of two minutes a day to fix, if want to make 20, as long as more than 40 minutes on the line, not only the chain of high quality, but also get a lot of high quality flow.

, with the rapid increase of the chain

How to create Sina dictionary

love Shanghai library believe that they are familiar with, nothing here is not wordy, nothing to talk about how to use the library to love Shanghai chain of high quality. Love is the new Shanghai library is a new product, the time is not long, so it is very simple review of the document, as long as the other documents with library titles, can be successfully uploaded, so > read more

Do the three aspects of the day included a new station on the line is not difficult

have a lot of friends said the new station on the line after the best not too much of the construction of the chain, I do not know why there is such a judgment, is afraid to search a bad impression? I think the chain site after the line is no problem, the search engine will not give a bad impression, if you like let the faster the site was collected, instead we have to do some outside the chain, but also included fast, the chain weight high.

, the line on the website

Before !

Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. For the new station, we are most worried about is the problems included, and for the problems included most of us trying to make the site quickly was collected, many of my friends have complained that the website included slow, in fact, you just haven’t found a way. Today I want to tell you a little small skills is to let the site on-line day was included, perhaps some people already know, but we can for you. I have a new station, yesterday afternoon on the line, this morning was collected, for a website that I conducted a thorough analysis, below to see how I was the new station on the line day it included. read more

Shanghai first love Shanghai love to decipher the search results page URL detailed parameters

OQ: search

in love after Shanghai home to enter any keyword search, we jump to the search results page in the browser’s address bar, we can see a long string of URL. So, do you really understand the meaning of a URL




TN: the search for sources of

value is 1 or 3 (temporarily only statistics to the two value). Used to mark the user that the browser, IE browser kernel is 1, non IE kernel is 1, but now the parameter constant is 3, also did not know that the disabled or used for other purposes. read more

The guest website online every day for a month 500P experience sharing

when I was in the operation of the website, the main competitors are going to see what to do outside the chain, and finally found the correlation between their hair of the chain are very poor. There is even a small program to send the chain. So my idea is to optimize the tactics they don’t have the weak place.

description tags in the text and no title keywords of important keywords ranking effect is not significant. You can highlight the long tail word long in the description tag inside. A good description of the tag content in the search results page, the other is the user’s click rate has a certain impact. read more

See the search engine from the viewpoint of value of love Shanghai super chain cheating algorithm

said simply, all search engines have a "voting principle", the engine can identify previously been included and given certain rating page outbound links, and release the spider (Spider) tracking crawl and included links, such a process to form an effective "vote", when a website to get more "vote", the search engine recognition degree is high, then low level to high level website links to purchase the site has become a business in Shanghai dragon industry.

1, fell in love with the sea had been acquiesced in this trading relationship exists, and give a more lenient policy in the algorithm, in the love of Shanghai "chain link, search keywords, Shanghai dragon" are to sell link > read more

Shanghai Longfeng site index suddenly becomes less reason

chain if the problem of our website will follow affected. No chain has not, the chain may be a problem, so the choice of the chain must be carefully analyzed, looking for a high quality of the chain.

3. sites affected by the chain

we encounter sites included declines, can control the above points, analyze your website is where there is a problem, find out the problems in order to better solve the problem, improve the site’s ranking.

Shanghai Longfeng college often talked about some problems of optimization on the flow, today to share with you, many owners have encountered website suddenly dropped, sometimes is a statistical tool there is a problem, the data is not synchronized, but most of the time the site has some problems, the following we analyze the website included several the reasons for the decline. read more

Why is Cai Wensheng love station network investment

webmaster friends maybe the "love station network" is not new, in 2009 the love station network was born, in the webmaster only noble baby PR as the standard for judging in love "love Shanghai station network to weight the concept, make love to stand in the tool quickly occupy a space for one person to become a station, one of the data Shanghai dragon will refer to the webmaster.

analysis of the data source will be more extensive, will love Shanghai, noble >

recently well-known investor Cai Wensheng and Li Xingping jointly invest love station network news to the already weak service can be heard without end, webmaster webmaster circle hit a shot in the arm. Also some people said that Cai Wensheng will come through the chainz acquisition of love station network. Then Lu Songsong will also simple analysis why Cai Wensheng investment love station network, especially in previously said only investment under the background of the mobile internet. read more

Think deeply love Shanghai outside the chain of tools caused

this time because has been studying the chain tools, so for the release of the chain or some form of experience, we know that the form can be divided into two types, text links, can also be the anchor text, I observed the anchor text chain my station with the leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 receiving record is very good, pure the text link power does not decrease, the effect is good, so for the chain form, I think with this two kinds of forms are heavy.

the first chunk or blog. We all know that love Shanghai now give the weight blog has declined, more people through the chain blog is not what role, then through these days I study, in fact, I have posted a blog outside the chain, including anchor text and text links can still be found from outside the chain of tools, and is considered to be the effective connection of the love of Shanghai was recognized, the chain blog still has value. read more

Google VS Naver Rex Nandi vision

Search algorithm for It is not as good at Google

you might say because Google does not allow some content in website appears in the search results page, this is possible, but I prefer the Google does not like Naver web in South Korea and more familiar with the language and even details of user search habits.


3, the number of competition Naver

Naver is currently South Korea’s top search engine, search market accounted for more than 70%, South Korea has dominated the search industry since its launch in 1999. When you first enter the Naver page, you feel like you had seen, because it is very similar to Naver and YAHOO, the home page and search results page than Google busy, with a large number of pictures, flash banner. read more

3 tips to share website optimization

two: the station optimization

Hello, I am plump mall editor, with more and more people stand now, the water is more and more mixed, most of them are on the novice Shanghai dragon pond water master is not very good, and there is no veteran with master entry will have quite a long time of confusion, this is not familiar with the Shanghai Phoenix, on the surface of open up, the old webmaster every day to do one thing, but behind the technique is a powerful guarantee high ranking station, below small share of novice Shanghai dragon skills. read more