Webmaster Platform chain analysis tools upgrade new evaluation

chain query tool after the revision, not in the past by looking at the links page link keywords page, it is turned into a page of data integration. Were divided into the link to your site is connected URL, page URL, anchor text, to the chain, the four column, the webmaster can at a glance off site related data on the same page can carry out all operations, this approach is indeed can make data analysis more intuitive, but also to operate more simple, the chain of the website can also be clear at a glance. But because URL are put together, the initial experience, looks a little dazzling feeling. But I believe that after the habit should be more convenient. read more

The working principle of the engine and the search strategy of Shanghai Dragon

The first

search engine ". The search engine’s web page analysis of the process are: 1. of the original pages indexed; 2. page information extraction; 3. find keywords and establish the index, then the relationship between pages and keywords; keywords 4. restructuring, establish the corresponding list. How the engine makes the correlation analysis we are most concerned about is the search for possible, so we can better do keywords ranking optimization. This analysis includes several aspects so as to establish a list of keywords and corresponding URL page correlation analysis: title, keywords and description tags, keywords, and keyword density inside and outside the station anchor text. read more

Analysis of the future development trend of Shanghai Longfeng cooperation

Shanghai Longfeng staff and corporate training. A diagnostic analysis report and treatment plan, the general service is not directly involved in the Shanghai dragon optimization details, but when I stand in Shanghai Longfeng strategic analysis is not friendly elements in the search engine website inside, and through the industry analysis and keywords analysis to suitable initiative. In general large website takes this cooperation way, after all these sites themselves behind a group of technical personnel in the maintenance, staff training and the way to make the whole team will benefit. According to Charles, the new competitiveness of Shenzhen is the service form. However, in a large site without SEM or Shanghai Longfeng professional team, executive force is a big problem. read more

Actual combat and write long tail keywords selection

in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, we need to continue to respond to market changes and we develop their creative thinking, because only in this way can we have enough ability to realize the potential of our consumers are thinking, in order to create long tail keywords meet their needs.

so we use some of the more dry cargo of actual cases to introduce, how to choose the long tail keywords and written sales effect:

so, what can continue to expand to bring the long tail word has effect for us? The long tail word first to observe the competitors, then thinking more carefully to the consumption possibilities of consumers, then will use love to our various Shanghai statistical analysis data. read more

Love the sea index why change

(3) index to reduce the amount of

What is the

(2) index was 0

server shieldWhen

website was hacked, the need for timely repair

fell in love with the sea is also called index included the amount of

two: whether there is a low quality or

, 3) for >

if the flow rate is small changes, observe three days


three: Baiduspider

ROBOTS: a possible ban is love Shanghai

is sometimes test site when robots ban love Shanghai, on the line, forgot to cancel the ban, you can modify the robots read more

How to use the new product to improve your skills of love in Shanghai

love Shanghai in the search engine market China has more than 80% market share, therefore has a strong user base and the full range of market coverage, so the new station on the line to feed the best love in Shanghai, how to make love to you in the new Shanghai recognition and attention to it? You can start from Shanghai love their own products like Shanghai, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, love Shanghai, love Shanghai library collections, and so on, because these like the children of Shanghai, Shanghai will give priority to love their own children and good website, so they can start from the layout of the chain for the new station entrance, which lead to the spider crawling to the railway station the introduction of cable, and included. read more

These data meet the optimization process we should do

(a graph for accessing data)

!Guess three:

site on the existence of false advertising, from Shanghai, we love to purify the Internet space low quality content sites, such as a series of measures to explain this.

(Figure 2. I search query results)

conjecture: too strong, causing some bidding competition and search engine, so I this station ranking ups and downs. Imagine a formal site can run for more than one year, and not cheating, ranked in the top three general recovery, why so repeatedly by K? After I before a site is K never recovered, so give up, but I know that this site will be restored, you for God? read more

The website page details you pay attention to it

page titleThe

two, in the top of the page advertising

three, breadcrumb path

labelBecause the

if we put the advertisement or round exhibition map on the home page, so in the pages we don’t in place, in the website page in the same advertising will give website reduction, because many sites home page head and head of the call is the same as it is with advertising or wheel Show map, we need to modify the corresponding page head removed advertising pages, we want to achieve navigation and content not too far away, if the page, we must put the advertisement, the advertisements don’t take too much, at the same time must be placed and the content of our website is a strong correlation between the advertising. If the correlation is not related directly diluted page. read more

The site will be the precursor in the drop right before

once this snapshot first said update slows down, you have to immediately check this time the web logs, see the number of search engines to contrast is not less than the original, the residence time is not shorter than normal period, "grasping the amount is not less than before. If it is, then be careful, because the log data is an important response to a health website. I suggest that you want to see the log every day, but also to do data collection, for future reference. Only the data speak is the science of Shanghai dragon. read more

The website of Shanghai Longfeng experience how to reduce the rate of jump landing page

landing page is important data, the number of search traffic is the website landing page number included the most effective results, site instruction number and index data is relatively in the sea are the clouds. In the analysis of the landing page should focus on analysis of the relationship between the landing page and search words, analysis of the search term, the relationship between landing page content and landing page target keywords; we should analyze and reduce the landing page out rate. read more

Why didn’t the original articles website ranking or fall right

have to say, do Shanghai dragon website optimization, our website program is the priority among priorities, especially for some enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng site, we should pay attention to the details of this area. But there is always some business owners in the choice of site procedures, is very casual, or that these traditional business owners for Internet marketing, this website is not very understand. They just know how to build a website can, often ignore these details. Here Murong Xiao told everyone, a website program must be cautious, because our website is a long web site, we have some things to consider the future, for the enterprise website, we use the PHP program, for example, we often use the Dede Empire CMS. read more

Why ranking will fall in the case of normal optimization

second: website external links declined sharply, this will certainly affect our website ranking, external links is our webmaster often do things that are generally published text, or forum signature and forum posting, the need to remind the point is: the forum signature do not change, this is very easy to cause included decline after, we changed the search engines to crawl, you can not find the link, then not only included a little, the weight will be reduced, there is a forum posting, forum is very unstable, because we can send a lot of, one day by the administrator to seal off the account the contents inside, naturally no, so in the post when the best and the administrator not to mix well, trying to cheat, so the consequences will be grievous, my station construction site in Qingdao, But also because the forum lead to a drop in, we must pay attention to, is actually a soft > relatively stable read more

The new algorithm analysis of Shanghai love in December 2011


in recent months love Shanghai adjustment, love Shanghai on page collection of speed increased, many people think that love Shanghai to the page audit index reduced, but it is not the case. On the contrary, love Shanghai audit on the page more strict! Love Shanghai greatly improved page collection of speed, this is in order to improve the search engine grab fresh content, to provide the latest information for users, but crawl the page snapshot by correlation analysis in the late degree has strengthened, which means that the snapshot has been released there may be a few days after delete. Delete the same speed and the website weight is directly related to. This is the love of Shanghai filter algorithm. This algorithm existed before, but in recent months greatly strengthened. read more

Vibrant Shanghai dragon tutorial electricity supplier site Shanghai Longfeng method

link: 贵族宝贝b2b.hc360贵族宝贝/supplyself/424175334.html

The vertical structure of the flat tree

electricity supplier industry need quality promotion resources, rather than a single resource to promote, here we mainly aimed at the electricity supplier website Shanghai dragon to explain can say about links to resources released, instead of introducing resources. The first talk about the B2B platform.

now says B2B optimization promotion platform, since it is a B2B platform, the most typical HC, HC to upload businesses as the main mode, rely on search engines to occupy a large part of. read more

Why new 3W page not included strange questions and Solutions

talk: usually novice webmaster will think a 3W domain is the domain name of a website, but the fact that the domain name is actually a two level domain name. But not 3W "domain name is a domain name. So come from the analysis of domain name weight angle, not with the domain name 3W obviously higher than with the 3W domain name, that is to say, would be like Shanghai priority included.

many novice webmaster in the construction site, often there will be a unique problem, it is a new one without 3W "should be included, but with 3W" has not to be included. This problem is usually not easy to be found when most novice webmaster, novice webmaster if using the site command URL with 3W to query whether or not included, certainly not included the results, so they think the site is not included, so feel now love Shanghai for new stations become more stringent audit. read more

You say say YES keywords

everyone’s different search habits, keywords will easily diverge. For example, we can not jump to conclusions that " notebook " search person is potential users to buy the notebook, but the words indeed let us not judge him to.

said Shanghai Longfeng optimization, inevitably have to mention keywords. About Shanghai Longfeng optimization, webmaster hold each word. But after all is said and done are cannot do without grasp the site keywords, also is the main contradiction. In the domestic market, Shanghai dragon ER tens of thousands, but as far as I know, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER are reading others called to share the successful experience after a hot head headlong into this field. With full of ambition, harvest deep loss. The starting point is not rational, the inevitable result of this: no matter how hard, his words are not optimal, or keywords has been successfully optimized, site traffic has not been improved, the list is still bleak. read more

Enterprise advertising alliance how difficult to do soHow does shlf1314 Adwords work

some people say we are liars deduction amount at the beginning of the program, I do take into account the advantages and disadvantages, the downside is that if you don’t get the deduction amount not on time payment and other negative consequences after all this face is the webmaster and said we didn’t deduct the amount made it impossible for you in we are here to do over how the reason that we don’t talk some deduction amount for


has been pushing for several days and I am depressed, but I firmly believe in the future of this project. Interested can see our website lm.plbb.cc, sincerely hope to cooperate with you webmaster realize win-win. I hope you can give some advice on how to do a good job in this league read more

Share original guest promotion methods Taobao blog methodSince the media industry copying more than

What did

unprotected, complaint no gate

sales is sowing, sowing as long as the COOKIES, COOKIES within the period of validity, although not a long shake Qian Shu, but also to grow seedlings, small fishing, key we also cast it in the fertile land! Oh, so you every day in the search words issued several articles also, Everfount fetched the money. Here are two pictures taobao1 and taobao2 that I have for words, 3 days, two space traffic statistics.

1. "time-consuming, strenuous rights, and even play a lawsuit, the final result is what? The other draft withdrawal, not necessarily how much compensation, input and output is not proportional."." read more

What qualities should a small and medium station owner need to build a brandJiubang digital Presiden


three, pioneering and innovative ability: in the rapidly changing Internet era, development and innovation are undoubtedly the most powerful accelerators. Any enterprise and individual if lack of innovation will lose vitality, personal webmaster is no exception. To this end we have pioneering thinking, divergent thinking, cultivate their imagination and creativity, as a leader if we don’t have this kind of consciousness and ability, will not be able to lead our team innovation, continuous improvement. read more

Rely on Tencent chess inspiration build a chess website to make a small profitAdvertising is the fu

I watched Tencent chess game, found landlords is the most popular chess game. Sorting out ideas, sorting out their own ideas, and began to build a special for Internet users to play Landlords game chess network. In this case, after more than a month of testing, my landlord chess network on-line operations.

      from a global point of view, the online advertising industry is facing an unprecedented opportunity for development; the driving force is the expansion of online advertising media resources and the evolution of online advertising. read more