Talk about how to make your website stand out from the crowd

Hello, I’m VIP network, today to go out something, so early on to get up to write articles for everyone, ha ha. Today we say "how to make the site, the problem should be talent shows itself" is also a popular problem, there are a lot of people don’t know how to do, please think we do stand what is the purpose of


is of course interest, but in front of US interests must be one of the most important effect is to make your web site traffic increased rapidly, if your site is not what popularity did not flow, in advertising is white, but in the hundreds of millions of web pages, a web site in the search engine. To the third page ranking that is not what effect can be talked about, but to the front? Or the old rules I put the problem into eight points. Start read more

The reality of the nternet world should be a real combination of the real world

in the real world, the overall look, the truth, has an inherent logic of unity. That is to say, real people act in accordance with their identities and interact with people of equal status in accordance with their identity. However, in the Internet world, the true logic of unity does not exist, or is greatly weakened and distorted. On the Internet, for most services and most users, the authenticity is not uniform, and do not need unity, and sometimes unified instead of trouble. True identity, false action, false identity, true action, real action, false interaction, false action, really interactive… Not even identity, real action, no identity, really interactive, identity, no interaction, and so on. In a word, the lack of reality, the contradiction of reality and the disunity of the real logic are the mainstream of China’s network services so far. In a broader sense, the reality of the Internet world should be a combination of the real world and a logical unity. But in the current online industry is more rare, can not be met. read more

Want to do strong Taobao women’s core is the supply chain

has a large consumer base at Taobao, but at the same time, competition is doubling. A new thought from the multitude of strong market to blaze a new trail, to win a large enough market share, with a good supply chain is the core of the first. Supply chain how important? Now look at Taobao’s top ten starry, Liebo, Yin man, Ousuo wait for the Amoy brand, do so successfully, and the product of the profit margins are around 50%, the reason is that they are a good solution to the problem of supply chain, therefore in order to have a good effect. The author will Tmall shop through more than two years of the course, for example, simple to share with you. read more

User loyalty torture website profitability user friendly design is the purpose

how to improve customer loyalty to website, this is a hot topic for a long time. The day before, the dispute can be described as 360 Tencent and reached a climax. Tencent allows users to make QQ and 360, two, a choice, but also began to involve the user’s core interests. We will both because of commercial interests and other kinds of moral problems, kidnapping user is to avoid talking about. But one thing is certain: when stepping into the intersection, the user’s choice is often the best way to show the loyalty and stickiness of the user. read more

Word of mouth marketing begins with service

took the subway the day before yesterday and overheard a white-collar worker talking on the phone with LG air conditioner after sale:

white-collar: you have serious air-conditioning problems, said yesterday to repair how did not come,


LG after sale:……

white-collar: you encounter special circumstances can not come, at least make a phone call to talk about it, or Korea’s big companies, there is no courtesy,


LG after sale:……

white-collar: you busy, I will not busy? A brand-name products in my home for two days can not be used, called you repaired two times, the problem has not been solved, how much time wasted me? read more

Harbin information network growth process the future go from here


is 06 years, the University, a lot of time, then love the Internet, also want to get some website, there was no profit concept, only full of enthusiasm, then made a second-hand university network, find a second-hand Jinjiang net spent less than 100 dollars to buy the program, then do it without rhyme or reason.

later, at the end of the year, the feeling was too small, and felt his strength, too. It couldn’t develop the campus, because of the graduation. So, in the four quarter, we found the ocean program. Then, the website, Harbin life information network, has been running for more than 1 years, and PR has ranged from 0 to 1 to 2 to 4. It was also the highest more than 70000 from 0 to the previous few days. Now is 69100, ranking also reached 3 million, personally feel more successful. read more

Do stand with the same person the heart is right is king

The popularity of

SEO technology, has brought a lot of garbage sites, we need to define the station to spend time analysis, thus, innumerable sites, is a bad news for the grass-roots webmaster, however, is not only the bad news, GG for sale promotion China area, domestic union buckle quantity serious, Baidu to promote the theme to open the sub threshold is high, slow, what? I don’t want to enumerate, now grassroots webmaster problem is:

Of course, a

flow less if you have 100 thousand IP, you may not be regarded as grassroots webmaster, although there are not a minority of these IP, but it is still a lot of grass roots, such as the station I to do non mainstream the word or are you just looking for a hot word search 10 pages is the home page, what explains this? Very competitive, will make a station, all have some knowledge of SEO optimization, which depends on the details, who is a good deal, who is original, who weight high, who will have the better keywords layout, traffic, page difference the flow of the difference in the world, then how should I do? QQ with dozens of group, every day there are people who will call in locomotive acquisition? DEDECMS acquisition who help me? Collection now really useful to you, to the station you want to tens of thousands of traffic? Not to. The number of mining production, the newest automatic production, a NICEWORD so you hundreds of thousands of articles, a day to 10 thousand IP, also about 100000, there are a lot of things in the operation of the master, although the flow is not stable, but when the traffic has to earn enough for this, a domain name again., or don’t pick, do you stand, keyword analysis, adhere to the original article every day, analysis of some of the top few stations, with nothing to do a few links, send the chain, these you do every day? If so, hold on, not more than a few months, you the flow is enough for you to eat enough of you for a few months, you can go straight towards well-off, SEO practice is the most important site, to love him more, right, there is a natural effect, also recently discovered that many people in the mirror site of others, ah, I will not say more, meaningless things, can not come a few IP, traffic is a little bit accumulated, and do something meaningful. read more

Analysis of the true meaning of the existence of users guiding future website construction and mana

Hello, I’m Xiao, too. It’s been a busy day, so I have the opportunity to go around A5 and see the experiences we all share. But in today’s work, I thought of a problem, because of my personal reasons, on weekdays, and ultimately deal with the user, a user Advisory today I asked, our web site does not provide venture fund, I was very Speechless, he also said that he is loyal users of our website, but said the situation does not meet. Sometimes I think, insiders are shouting to improve user stickiness and other kinds of slogans, but we have not realized the true meaning of our website for users, users are more, the website will develop smoothly? I don’t think so, because of the presence of users also have their own the purpose, is a win-win relationship between us, we are not in it on the surface of god. read more

How did a mobile version of Tianya community with 20 million users succeed

"why is the last crab eaten next door?" in a similar setting, we often look at an emerging market product with the same doubt. Why in the current market, freaky help from many similar women vertical community raging red sea swim out? Open the search engine "freaky help", the media students wrote numerous manuscripts of no importance to look for a long time, is still not clear, "what are the vertical community, why you can fire"?  

‘s largest female mobile community, read more