How long does it take to go to Fuzhou Hangzhou high speed rail opened 3 hours to get

with more and more close economic exchanges around the country, improve transportation infrastructure is fundamental, Fuzhou and Hangzhou as the two economically developed regions, high-speed rail will be able to greatly shorten the trip. Fuzhou to Hangzhou train to Hangzhou after the opening, West Lake boating, a lot of Fuzhou weekend travel options. However, there are still a lot of people feel that more than 5 hours of EMU fast enough. Reporters yesterday and got a good news: Hang Wen (Hangzhou – Wenzhou) high-speed rail is expected to start before the end of next year, and strive to be opened before the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou. read more

Tang Jun exhorted young entrepreneurs not to be successfully carried away

rich achievements to seize the current opportunity, entrepreneurial life, this is every novice entrepreneurs aspire, and for business Master Tang Jun, he had to give the young entrepreneurs in addition to encouragement and advice, not after the success of pride over the head.

business sentiment

– the Internet is just past the electric light lamp, such as the enterprise to create websites, email and so on, each link of enterprise operation now Internet plus to provide power, procurement, inventory, users and so on, the effect is cut low efficiency, unreasonable part. read more

Zhang Zhiquan couple operating green hand to make a lot of money


said that now entrepreneurs have been very much, the entire entrepreneurial market is very complex, however, the number of entrepreneurs to achieve success in the same huge. This does not, the hero of this article by Zhang Zhiquan to open the store to earn profits, won a lot of success.

Zhang Zhiquan throw away the cause of iron rice bowl is very simple, the factory is not good, no money to spend. Zhang Zhiquan rich experience is also very simple, he let him have a son hand skills". read more

Taobao shop to carry out spike promotions should pay attention to what

spike for countless loyal Taobao consumers who are not unfamiliar, under the current entrepreneurial environment, numerous Taobao stores have carried out such promotional activities. However, if you want to make this promotion really help the development of the store, naturally also need to pay attention to more factors. So, Taobao shop to carry out spike promotions should pay attention to what?

1, baby price shock enough


is the price of seckill seckill, the baby must be shocking enough, a price to attract buyers is neither painful nor itching berserk. But this is not to say that the low price to the seller to free degree. So for the store, we must study a baby in the end what price seckill is the best, the price can be reference to other Taobao store daily, do not do at least the minimum, the lowest category or type, or do not choose this baby seckill. read more

How much money to join the pizza shop

pizza as the characteristics of western style delicacy, in the market has a very high popularity, so many entrepreneurs want a pizza shop, want to choose a brand to join the shop, hoping to earn more. Here to tell you about how much money to join the pizza shop?

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Rapid development of the software industry in Fujian 5 years to break through 350 billion yuan

with the continuous development of science and technology, for the continuous cultivation of talent, a lot of technical elite gathered for our software industry has injected new vitality. The rapid development of Fujian’s software industry, 5 yuan over the past 350 billion years, the development of remarkable results, has been a great affirmation. At the same time, the innovative investment model to platform construction projects, the introduction of Ali, Tencent, Sina and other outstanding enterprises. read more

Held in the exhibition which is crucial to grasp the sales skills

is now organized around some of the exhibition activities of every kind of have become common, at the same time, the exhibition held a number of activities at the same time, the sale is a very important thing, hold exhibitions around, the ultimate goal is to sell their products.

in every kind of exhibition, this exhibition is called sales skills. Now more and more exhibition in China, so you want to engage in display sales, it is necessary to choose an appropriate exhibition.

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How to open a hot pot restaurant Hot pot shop operating three tips to share

in the food and beverage industry has been a hot pot restaurant friends in this winter’s first choice to join the project. In fact, after the successful opening of the franchise, the performance of the good need to use their own better business strategy. This is the country joined the chain network ( to join the hot pot friends introduced how to operate a hot pot restaurant three tips to share.
the first point: Hot pot stores of food strictly
second points: Hot pot stores publicity buffet attract tourists Hot pot
third points: Hot pot franchise competition need to improve
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Online entrepreneurship to maintain good mentality

a person’s state of mind, in fact, the development of its business has a different influence. For this reason, if you want to succeed in business, nature also need to maintain a good attitude. So, the online business to maintain good mentality?

Internet is a huge cake, fattened countless entrepreneurs, but also attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs. Online entrepreneurs can do a lot of things, at the same time, can not do more, and the most important, whether in prosperity or adversity, entrepreneurs should maintain a good attitude. What specific mentality we need to focus on? read more